On December 5, 2021, it will be exactly 10 years since the Uber app has been available in France. On this occasion, she made the list of the 10 most unusual objects forgotten in cars and claimed by customers. Uber also reveals some numbers that had never been released.

In the 10 years that the Uber app has been available in France, thousands of items have been left in cars. Each year, Uber draws up a top 10 of these objects. Among the most forgotten things in vehicles, and it will not surprise anyone, are phones, wallets and keys.

Next come glasses, headphones, clothes, change, jewelry and an identity card.

But in 10 years, there are much more unusual things that have been claimed.

In 10 years, it is the forgetting of a dog in an Uber that comes at the top of the most unusual “things” left when getting out of the car.

Second place went to a forgotten cart in the back of an Uber van, third to a prosthetic hand whose owner really had to be upside down.

A wedding dress has also been forgotten, we do not know if it was by the bride or the future husband who left it there. Next comes a Mickey Mouse costume.

Very surprising finally the forgetting, in an Uber, of a denture or a spare wheel, a jar of pickles or a wig.

Also mentioned in the list of forgotten objects, there is a handkerchief and a Covid mask. Surprising when you know that to be part of this list, you must have been claimed by its owner.

This means that the passengers of these Uber strangely cared a lot about these two objects which, for the majority of us, would have been abandoned without regrets.

Forgetting a suitcase in the back or trunk of an Uber may seem trivial, but this suitcase was no ordinary suitcase. And we understand better the nervousness of its absent-minded owner when we know that this suitcase was full of … counterfeit bills.

Since December 2011, the month of its launch in France, 350 million trips have been made with the application. Uber had never disclosed this figure.

The longest run made by an Uber customer is 1,129 kilometers. It was made a few days after the lifting of the first confinement in May 2020. The passenger connected Marseille to Plumieux (Brittany). The race cost him 1,607.91 euros.

The most loyal customer has been using Uber since 2012. She holds the record for the most trips made by a single person with 9,701 trips, or an average of 81 trips per month every month.

Finally, a tip of the hat to these brave mothers who gave birth in spite of themselves in an Uber. Uber drivers have witnessed the birth of 12 babies in 10 years.

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Ref: https://www.francebleu.fr