Two Moroccan truckers were killed and another was injured, Saturday in Mali, by armed men, we learned from the Moroccan embassy in Bamako , adding that a fourth driver survived this attack.

The incident took place in the commune of Didià © ni, located about 300 km from Bamako, when Moroccan drivers were heading for the Malian capital aboard trucks carrying goods, before they were attacked by bullets by a group of armed elements who were hiding behind the trees by the roadside, the same source said.

The injured driver, whose condition does not give cause for concern, was transferred to a local hospital for necessary treatment.

According to witnesses, the attackers wore hoods, wore bulletproof vests and had wireless communication devices. After having committed their crime, they left the scene without stealing any object from the victims.

The Moroccan Embassy in Bamako is in contact with the competent authorities in the two countries, as well as with relatives of Moroccan drivers to make the necessary arrangements in such situations, including the request for opening an investigation by the Malian authorities in order to clarify the circumstances of this attack, and the taking of the necessary measures.

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