Following his dangerous tackle on Krépin Diatta’s ankle, Cheikh Omar Doucouré received a direct red card against Monaco (2-0) on Saturday. The disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP), meeting on Wednesday, imposed on the Lens player two games of suspension. The Monegasque Alexandre Golovine, who was excluded a little later in the same meeting, is meanwhile sanctioned with a suspension match and another suspended.

Lorientais Jérôme Hergault and Houboulang Mendes, both excluded after two yellow cards against Montpellier (1-3), each received a firm suspension match.

Frédéric Antonetti and Oscar Garcia, the respective coaches of Metz and Reims, who faced each other on Sunday (1-1), had both been sent off during the meeting by the match referee, Florent Batta.

A decision that was made following virile exchanges between the two men. The latter did not understand at the time. Still, they were dismissed from their respective benches and each received a suspension match from the bench, referee locker room and all official functions.

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