Nice Two elected officials disowned and another who retreats … In Nice, the majority reframed

BISBILLE Christian Estrosi demoted Bernard Chaix and Gaëlle Frontoni while Catherine Moreau backed down on one of her votes

In Nice, the majority of
Christian Estrosi seems to be suffering from some turbulence. The mayor withdrew their delegations from two elected officials and another reversed one of her votes in the
departmental council, probably to avoid the same fate.

The news actually fell on Monday evening, in the columns of Nice-Matin. Bernard Chaix and Gaëlle Frontoni, municipal councilors since June 2020, are no longer sub-delegated to urban agriculture, for the first, and to extracurricular activities and school catering, for the second. The mayor decided so.

Contacted by 20 Minutes, the municipality confirms and justifies this reframing. The two elected officials, also vice-presidents of the department (and close to Eric Ciotti), would have flouted “the charter signed by each member of the majority affirming that the interest of the city of Nice is above all else”. In question ? “A vote”, precisely in the hemicycle of this other community. Two votes in fact, for which Bernard Chaix and Gaëlle Frontoni did not go in the direction of the majority of Christian Estrosi.

According to the city, they would have voted against the appointment of Anthony Borré, his first deputy, within the governance of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (Sdis) 06 and would have voted for the maintenance of the Regional Tourism Committee ( CRT) Côte d’Azur, that the mayor and the president of the region Renaud Muselier would like to abandon in order to keep only one CRT Paca.

Bernard Chaix and Gaëlle Frontoni finally reacted in a press release on Tuesday evening. And the decision of the mayor of Nice to oust them “is in complete contradiction with [his] words on respect for the freedom of speech and opinion of elected officials”, they argue. Especially since they say they did not even vote on the Sdis issue.

Their ousting would also be, according to them, a sort of settling of scores linked to their absence of “the political re-entry of the political party daring France”. A meeting “during which Christian Estrosi engaged in an attack in good standing by the Republicans and took one more step towards his rallying to Emmanuel Macron”, they write.

Regarding the CRT, the two elected officials are right in their boots and assume that they have voted so that “the territory can continue to benefit from such a tool for economic development”. “We can only deplore the drift of a personal, autocratic and self-centered municipal executive”, they add, citing the case “of a colleague from Nice, who was forced to modify her vote a posteriori under the threat of personal sanctions “.

This colleague would be none other than Catherine Moreau. The deputy mayor responsible for urban agriculture and the animation of neighborhoods had indeed spoken in favor of maintaining the CRT Côte d´Azur before retracting. In an email addressed to the president of the department Charles-Ange Ginésy, and which she sent to 20 Minutes, the elected representative indicates that she “dedicates [sic] [her] vote to join [that] of the group My department first ”and even announces that she is resigning from the famous CRT.

The commotion that caused a reaction in the ranks of the National Rally. “If this is yet another episode – before a new tweak? – bickering between the Ciotti and Estrosi clans, the fact remains that the message sent by Christian Estrosi in this start of the presidential year is very clear: one for all, all for Macron, “quipped Philippe Vardon.

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