Two people died on Monday afternoon in the crash of a small tourist plane, these are the two occupants of the plane which crashed near the Bondues aerodrome, in the Lille metropolis.

A small plane, of the tourist plane type, crashed this Monday afternoon in a field, near the Bondues aerodrome, near Lille, killing two people. These are the two occupants of the plane, according to the firefighters and according to the mayor of Bondues. The aircraft caught fire following the impact. The plane crashed in a grove on the edge of the airfield in the town of Wambrechies. 37 firefighters were mobilized for this accident which occurred shortly before 4 p.m. The air police are there. Investigators also went to the scene before taking readings.

A plane crash had already killed three people in early June, again near the Bondues aerodrome, already occurred two months ago, on June 12. A tourist plane had crashed in an area of ​​activity in Wambrechies. The accident left 3 dead: a couple, a 61-year-old man, and a 53-year-old woman, as well as another 29-year-old man. They were all three from Béziers, in the Hérault, and were heading to Antwerp, Belgium. Their plane had just taken off again after a transit through Bondues airport. Read the article.

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