They are back. As every year since 2016, influential streamers from the Twitch platform meet for a weekend for the Z Event, a charity marathon for the benefit of an association. This year, the event begins on October 29 and all donations collected will be donated to Action Against Hunger.

Created by Zerator (Adrien Nougaret) and Dach (Alexandre Dachary), the Z Event is a gathering of streamers that takes place in Montpellier. All the participants are gathered in a room and play video games, organize small games or happenings during the weekend. To encourage viewers to donate, streamers make upfront a list of challenges that they will complete if a certain amount is reached.

It’s time ! The # ZEVENT2021 It’s October 29-30-31, 2021 for the benefit of @ ACF_France, here is the announcement trailer. We hope to see you there

Among these “donation goals”, there are sometimes crazy projects, such as running a marathon, hitchhiking across Europe or even climbing Mont Ventoux by bike. The broadcast is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Zerator’s Twitch channel, before all streamers launch their own lives in the minutes that follow, each with a personalized schedule. Among the big events to be planned, we can note the “questions for a streamer” hosted by Etoiles and Samuel Etienne on Saturday evening, the “Attic Quiz” presented by Joueur du Grenier on Sunday at 3pm or the traditional Mario Kart tournament. de Ponce, also scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday.

Many of the biggest names in French-language streaming will be present at the event. Besides Zerator, we can count on Domingo, Ponce, Mister MV, Etoiles, Kameto, Maghla or even Michou. Some absences have been noticed by Internet users, starting with that of Squeezie, yet present in the last two editions. Much speculation exists around this absence, but the first French YouTuber has not yet communicated on the subject. The duo Wankil Studio also decided not to honor the invitation, in particular by evoking health concerns on Twitter.

The # ZEVENT2021, we summarize the announcements:
A concert open to the public and broadcast on Twitch will take place on October 28, 2021!
The marathon will bring together 52 streamers and will be held from October 29 to 31, 2021 for the benefit of @ACF_France

Every year, NGOs and associations scramble to be chosen for the Z Event. Indeed, the event allows each year to collect several million euros in just a few hours, which shows the power of the French streaming community. In 2020, 5.7 million euros had been raised for Amnesty International, an absolute and world record for an event of this kind on Twitch. If you want to donate, just select a streamer’s pot on the event’s official website: