Télématin on France 2 will see many changes starting tomorrow, especially with the arrival of Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali at its presentation. Laurent Bignolas pushed towards the exit, so it is ultimately this unexpected duo that will take the reins of the morning, once played by William Leymergie.

In another major change, the show will now be broadcast seven days a week, and no longer only Monday through Friday. It is however another duo which will operate on Saturdays and Sundays, namely Maya Lauqué, co-host of the show La Quotidienne on France, 5 and Damien Thévenot, official joker of Télématin.

The objective of France 2 is to stop the hemorrhage of audiences which has accelerated in recent months. Where the channel was regularly above a million viewers, it is now between 750,000 and 800,000 viewers that evolves the oldest morning in France. France 2 remains the leader at this time, but it is clear that the public channel is on the downward slope.

Opposite; for several years now, news channels have been gaining ground and each year nibbling away at a little more market share.

On the side of BFM, with 500,000 viewers on average, the morning does not hide the desire to dethrone France 2, by focusing on the continuity of an antenna which is hosted by Adeline François and Christophe Delay.

Opposite, CNews, digs its hole in the morning, like all day. Romain Desarbres’s morning show is on the rise and now regularly displays nearly 250,000 viewers.

France Info, for its part, has managed to make its mark and pass LCI with a very different morning which attracts an average of 100,000 viewers.

LCI, for its part, goes badly in the morning and has therefore decided to change everything … It must be said that its morning is the last in France and has never taken off with only 50 to 70,000 viewers. The presenter has also packed up at the end of the season. Pascale La Tour du Pin is returning to BFMTV after having tried for almost 4 years to win in this time slot.

And “intelligencocracy” either for those who play the ostrich. If I don’t know, then everything is fine. This is where it used to be to say: “I don’t have TV at home”.

people keep watching TV and on top of that they watch the news channels … idiocracy is not a myth

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