The new series The Undoing starts at 9:05 p.m. on TF1. Renowned New York therapist Grace Fraser lives with her husband Jonathan, a misanthropic oncologist, and her son Henry, who attends the prestigious private school in Reardon. In the company of other mothers of students, she prepares an auction and meets Elena, whose son attends the establishment thanks to a scholarship. Grace repeatedly meets the mysterious young woman who troubles her … As a couple in turmoil, the duo Hugh Grant-Nicole Kidman works perfectly. The final revelation quickly makes us forget the sometimes too polished staging.

The TV movie A mon tour is to be followed at 9:05 pm on France 2. Humiliated by her husband’s affair, a woman decides to take revenge by standing against him in the elections of their commune. From then on, anything goes … Very credible and fun, the duo formed by François-Xavier Demaison and Isabelle Gélinas is excellent. With colorful and particularly successful dialogues, this TV movie offers a real moment of relaxation.

M6 put at 9:05 pm on entertainment Who wants to be my partner? Enthusiasts of all ages who have all had an idea, that of an object, a service or a business, one day decided to take the plunge and create their own business. However, all of them lack a crucial element to be born or grow: support, advice and funding to achieve their dream. These enthusiasts will have the unique opportunity to meet investors, themselves founders of successful businesses in France. They will have a few minutes to convince them to commit to their side and become their partner. This meeting can change their lives!

This selection is completed with the magazine Des Racines et des Ailes to follow at 9:05 pm on France 3. Carole Gaessler is at the Château de Caen, in the heart of the former capital of the Duchy of Normandy. She discovered two major buildings, the Abbaye-aux-Hommes, founded by Guillaume Le Conquérant, and the Abbaye-aux-Dames, designed with his wife Mathilde. The most striking fact of William’s reign remains the crossing of the English Channel to become King of England. The story of this epic has come down to us thanks to an exceptional work. An illustrated narration from the Middle Ages: the Bayeux tapestry. Secondly, Carole turns to Sicily, where Norman knights, great builders, have built a rich heritage listed as World Heritage.