Robert De Niro as Al Capone, Tom Hanks as an airplane pilot or even Stéphane Plaza as a depressed beekeeper converted into a waiter … Télé-Loisirs has selected the films not to be missed on TV this Sunday on the free channels .

Ask for the program! Once is not customary, the offer of free channels, in terms of (good) cinema, is this Sunday evening rather full! That’s good, Télé-Loisirs is there to help you make your choice. In addition to its selection of programs available in audio description, the weekly news available on the various svod platforms (Netflix, Disney …), the editorial staff lists each week for you the feature films not to be missed on Sundays on the free channels. Follow the guide…

In Prohibition-era Chicago, Al Capone reigned supreme over alcohol trafficking, gambling and prostitution. Eliot Ness, federal agent in the financial squad, is tasked with tracking him down. But his first raid on a Capone warehouse is a total fiasco. By recruiting three trusted men, Jim Malone, Oscar Wallace and George Stone, Ness intends to put an end to the activities of the Mafioso. Brian De Palma signs this mythical masterpiece of American cinema. Lyrical and visually stunning, this thriller is thrilling and its four-star cast unstoppable, with Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness, surrounded by Sean Connery and Andy Garcia, facing the immense Robert De Niro as Al Capone.

On January 15, 2009, flying an Airbus A320, pilot Chesley Sullenberger landed on the Hudson River, saving the lives of 155 people. However, he was summoned with his co-pilot before a commission of inquiry questioning his decision. Clint Eastwood questions the figure of the American hero in a moving chiaroscuro portrait. Tom Hanks brilliantly embodies this man exposed to the injustice of institutions.

In Paris, Fred, Nadine, Iris and their colleagues from the Brigade for the Protection of Minors are forced to welcome Mélissa, a photographer who must follow them during their interventions, as part of an operation to promote their activity. By adopting a realistic and punchy tone, Maïwenn signs a strong film, supported by a remarkable interpretation. A formidable exercise in cinema-truth.

In 1930, in the heart of a vast Sologne estate, an orphan taken in by the castle maid (formidable Valérie Karsenti) befriended a grumpy poacher (François Cluzet), a lover of nature. Adventurer director Nicolas Vanier (Belle et Sébastien) signs a learning story, served by a solid cast, which exalts the beauty as much as the savagery of the woodland landscapes.

Successful medium, connected to Albert Einstein, Chloé loses her gift when she meets Zac (Stéphane Plaza), a disillusioned waiter and beekeeper. Didier van Cauwelaert directs a fantasy comedy adapted from his own novel.

Helped by a communications officer, an alcoholic superhero tries to change his image with the people of Los Angeles. This action film with an original treatment allows Will Smith to indulge in a nice actor’s number.

The Japanese monster returns in a very spectacular new version. Gareth Edwards (Monsters) signs an impressive blockbuster, transcended by its twilight atmosphere and its stunning special effects.

An FBI agent and a tracker investigate the murder of a young woman killed on an Indian reservation in Wyoming. This sober and tense thriller, with a captivating script, is directed by the famous screenwriter Taylor Sheridan.

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