The drama Scandal is to be followed at 9:05 pm on France 2. In 2016, in the middle of the presidential campaign, while Megyn Kelly, star presenter of the powerful conservative news channel Fox News, calls out the candidate Donald Trump on his sexism, Gretchen Carlson, another star of the channel, accuses Roger Ailes, its founder and CEO, of sexual harassment … Carried by its three star actresses, Charlize Theron in the lead, remarkable in the role of the ambiguous Megyn (testify or stay on the air?) , Scandale is the big post #Metoo movie not to be missed.

TF1 draws at 9:05 pm the comedy Everyone standing with Franck Dubosc and Alexandra Lamy. At 50, Jocelyn has it all. Rich, beautiful, in great shape. But that’s not enough for this insatiable Don Juan with an XXL ego. To spice up his life, he is therefore constantly inventing new characters. Until the day, when, thanks to a misunderstanding, he pretends to be in a wheelchair to seduce a pretty neighbor. He thinks the case is in the bag, she introduces him to her sister… really disabled!

TF1 Séries Films program at 9:05 pm, the TV movie Jacqueline Sauvage: it was him or me, with Muriel Robin and Olivier Marchal. A reconstruction of the life of Jacqueline Sauvage, sentenced for the assassination of her violent husband in September 2012, and pardoned in 2016 by François Hollande

Finally France 3 put at 9:05 pm on the series The investigation of Vera. The body of Jim Tullman, an entrepreneur in his sixties, is found at the foot of the Collingwood monument. According to initial findings, he was beaten to death without defending himself. Vera wonders how a man apparently robust and also loved by those around her could have been beaten so badly. His investigation reveals a possible motive: the day of his death, Tullman was to testify against the trial of a young man accused of assault. The first suspicions fall on the family of the defendant who had a lot to lose with this testimony.