The Equalizer 2 action film can be watched at 9:05 pm on TF1. When her only friend is killed, a vigilante, a former CIA spy, decides to take revenge. He finds himself grappling with professional killers… A sequel which deepens the psychology of this lonely Samaritan and fan of Proust, but which is diluted in a too muddled intrigue. There remains the essential in this kind of thriller: an actor -Denzel Washington- who imposes some and (very) violent fights, enjoyable because inventive and sprinkled with black humor.

France 2 is programming the dramatic comedy Medecin de Campagne at 9:05 p.m. Dr Werner is totally devoted to his patients. Day and night, this country doctor travels through his region to relieve suffering. Her couple did not survive. He has a brain tumor and has to take it easy. But to think of him is not in his DNA. Like working in a team with his replacement… François Cluzet excels in the role of the practitioner. His humanity, his sensibility on the edge of the game work wonders. Louis Jouvet said, “So much is the man, so much is the actor”. With Cluzet, the aphorism is verified at each shot. And as always, the story is also militant: the medical deserts (against a background of administrative aberrations) or the end of life are evoked without blinkers. To see urgently.

At 9:05 pm on France 3 we watch the new season of the Murdoch Investigations. Murdoch, Brackenreid and their wives take part in the Victoria Day celebrations. While they are discussing with the leader of the music hall review, a body crashes on the stage. The murderer got the wrong target. It seems he was targeting an as yet unknown young actor by the name of Charlie Chaplin. Murdoch and his colleagues will do everything possible to prevent the killer from finishing the job … So yes, The Mysteries of Murdoch is not one of the craziest series of the moment but We let ourselves be taken without displeasure, and we even do it. comes back taken by the tortuous intrigues and the sympathetic characters.

Finally, France 5 put at 8:55 pm on the documentary Another idea of ​​the world. A journey around the world, in the midst of an epidemic, to meet women and men who suffer from war, exile, hunger or misery … Love or hate BHL, its work as an observer of the world is even more essential today, in this age of ready-to-eat news. His moving film is a proposal, a line of thought, for everyone to do with what they can.

Another idea of ​​the world (France 5) Bernard-Henri Lévy: “What good is memory if it does not illuminate the present?”