A beautiful death. This is what the series “Mongeville” has achieved, the last episode of which was broadcast on Saturday evening on France 3. The ultimate outcome of this detective series gathered 4.5 million followers, or 22.5% of the share of audience for the general public, according to figures from Médiamétrie. The Three is ahead of all the competition. It’s even a little better than “Murders in the Three Valleys”, with Line Renaud and Samuel Labarthe, a week ago. Not sure that it really consoles Francis Perrin, who would have liked to have continued to play the character of retired judge, Antoine Mongeville, alongside Gaëlle Bona, alias Captain Valentine Duteil.

France 2 slips into second place with “Do not forget the lyrics: the masters 2021”, hosted by Nagui. This XXL karaoke, which devoted Toni, was appreciated by nearly 3.2 million pairs of ears, or 17.4% of the audience watching their TV. Downside: it’s about 600,000 less than the previous final won by Arsene a year ago, even though the PDA was a bit weaker at the time. Last Saturday, the victory of the XV of France against the All Blacks (40-25), as part of the Autumn Nations Series, captivated 6.3 million oval ball fans (28.6%).

TF1 must be satisfied with third place with “the Secret Song”. The two parts of this new entertainment issue presented by Nikos Aliagas moved 2.9 million viewers on average, or 17.1% of PDAs. Were invited: Valérie Lemercier, Jeff Panacloc or the YouTuber and candidate of “Dance with the stars” Michou. But it’s not so bad, the previous evening had attracted only 2.4 million (22.2%) at the beginning of September.

It’s not bright for M6, who clinched a small fourth place with the sequel to the eleventh season of “NCIS: Los Angeles”, worn by LL Cool J and Daniela Ruah. The evening’s two episodes were watched by 1.3 million people, or 6.5% of PDAs. This is 130,000 more than last week.

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr