The trade balance deficit in August 2021 narrowed to 1.275 million dinars, against 1,409 million dinars in July, an improvement of 10%. The coverage rate has thus gained 3.5 points compared to July to stand at 75.7% according to data published Wednesday the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

This reduction in the trade deficit compared to July is the result of the acceleration in the growth rate of exports, which increased by 8.7% to 3,976 million dinars, after showing a decrease in July. This improvement is the result of a 14.2% increase in exports under the offshore regime, partially offset by a 3.7% drop in exports under the general regime.

The rebound in exports from the mechanical and electrical industries sector (18.2%) was responsible for more than 80% of the overall increase in exports in July. This acceleration is mainly explained by the increase in exports of machinery, apparatus and electrical equipment.

Likewise, exports of the textiles, clothing and leather sector grew by 8.7% and those of the mining sector by 21.1%. On the other hand, the sector of agriculture and agro-food industries recorded a decrease of 2.7% and that of energy a decline of 19%.

As for imports, they increased in August by 3.7% compared to July to settle at 5.251 million dinars, but remain below the levels recorded before the pandemic. This increase is mainly due to the increase recorded in imports of energy products (95.2%), raw materials and semi-finished products (7.9%) and consumer goods (3.3%).

Excluding energy products, imports are down 4.6% due to the decline in imports of food products (-40%) and capital goods (-14.6%).

Tunisian exports to European Union countries recorded an increase of 17.3% compared to July, mainly to Italy (39.3%). However, our exports have fallen with the Maghreb countries (-32.8%), Turkey (-58.8%) and China (-20.2%).

As for imports, they increased from European Union countries (10.5%) mainly the Netherlands, AMU countries (31.3%) mainly Algeria (43.2%) and Egypt (81.7%), as well as with China (9.9%) and Russia (235.8%). On the other hand, our purchases fell by 12.1% from Turkey.