In the early morning, emotions were high in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille. On the night of Saturday 21 to Sunday 22 August, just four days after the death of a teenager near a drug point of sale, a new shooting broke out.

At around midnight, two men aged 25 and 26 were shot dead with several Kalashnikov bullets in the city of “The Blue Navy”, one of the poorest in the city, while they were at the foot of their building. “I heard shooting, it looked like it was at home,” relates a woman with fear, in the TF1 report at the top of the article. “I was terrified with my children. We were on the balcony, it echoed. It wasn’t once or twice, it was gusts. We were very scared.”

Leaving their victims on the ground – both known to the police, one of them for “infringement of the legislation on narcotics” – the shooters immediately fled in two vehicles. “We heard gunshots then we waited for it to stop to come and see,” says a young man in turn.

According to several residents, this district is however spared by the settling of scores. “It’s amazing because in general it’s a pretty quiet area, there are thefts, yes, but murders like that, it’s weird,” notes a passerby. “It is incredible all these massacres which do not stop, these poor young people … it does something”, adds a local resident.

In addition to this double murder, a 27-year-old man, also known to the police, was forcibly dragged into a vehicle around 1 a.m. in the 4th arrondissement of Marseille. “We heard gunshots” , says a resident. “10 seconds later a car started with a bang, then 40 seconds later someone shouted ‘help, call the police’, which we did.”

The authorities quickly found a vehicle on fire in the 13th arrondissement, with a charred body in the trunk. A modus operandi regularly used by members of Marseille banditry. “What we can predict is that there is a fight within the Marseille drug trafficking gangs”, explains Eddy Sid, delegate of the 5GP Police FSMI-FO unit in Marseille. “it can be a recomposition of the landscape due to hasty releases from prison which allowed to set up wars of succession or because people were neutralized or because we kill for fear of being killed in turn . “

While judicial investigations are underway, the Marseille City has observed an escalation in settling of scores against the backdrop of drug trafficking since the end of June with five men shot dead. “There are periods of calm and then outbreaks which can surprise, the world of banditry is not stagnant”, underlined at the time the director of the South zone of the judicial police, Eric Arella, recalling the year 2014 with six months without settling accounts and a final annual balance sheet of 23 “rules”.

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