Successively 12th in Dunkirk, 11th in Metz, 8th in Chà ¢ teauroux and 6th in Quiberon, Trisud has stopped progressing thanks to the arrivals of the Englishwoman Annabel Morton, of the Colombian Diana Castillo and the Austrian Pia Totching. “à ?? Quiberon, we had our best ranking since taking part in this competition, ”said Jon Wainwright, team coach and club president.

For this last stage, in Vendée, the Irishman Orla Walsh and Pia Totching will not be present, retained by their respective national championship. The selection will be made up of à ?? milie Darras, 35 years old, a faithful of Trisud since 2015, who will be in this capacity the captain, of Annabel Morton, of Diana Castillo (39th in Chà ¢ teauroux and 32nd in Quiberon), the Maltese Danica Bonelo-Spiteri (59th in Dunkirk, 64th in Metz and 67th in Quiberon) and Solène Lacroix-Samper whose return will be. The young Charlotte Rà © tif-Chaillet, from the Trisud triathlon school, will for her part be engaged in individual.

After the last two performances of Annabel Morton (16th in Chà ¢ teauroux and especially 4th in Quiberon, 20 seconds from the first and seven seconds from the podium), a place in the top ten ¨res is possible. With a provisional eleventh place, the maintenance seems certain. However, this last step is not to be taken lightly as the points are multiplied by 1.5. “We are not immune to racing incidents,” warns Jon Wainwright. Between the weather, punctures, mechanical problems, poor performance and crashes, you can quickly find yourself at the end of the ranking, or even unclassified. TO”

It is the first time that Saint-Jean-de-Monts has received a Grand Prix test. The girls will leave at low tide, will have to run 400 meters on wet sand to reach the sea, then to join the bike park on the way back. Depending on the waves, the swimming part may test the organisms. The bike course is rolling with a false flat on a circuit of 4 km to be covered five times. The running circuit is flat and runs along the seafront. The wind could play a role depending on its intensity.