At the end of the first week of hearing in the trial of the November 13 attacks, there was a lot of emotion on Friday September 10 on the benches of the civil parties. Journalist Nathalie Pérez is live from the Paris courthouse to take stock of the situation.

The president of the Paris Assize Court began his reading five hours ago on Friday, September 10. “He tells minute by minute the course of the attacks. But it is when he takes care to quote the name and age of each of the 130 people murdered that evening that the first tears flowed on the bench civil parties “, explains journalist Nathalie Pérez live from the Paris courthouse.

Devastated victims left the courtroom. “A man in a wheelchair, shot in the spine during the attacks, who had red eyes told the reporter with a small smile ‘I swore to myself not to cry but it failed’ (.. .) At this very moment, the president continues his unfolding of the facts. The bench of the civil parties, him, is almost deserted “, concludes the journalist

broadcast on 09/10

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