The exchange was more like a confrontation than a discussion. This Wednesday, October 27, Cyril Hanouna welcomed on the set of TPMP (C8) Juliette Briens, pro-Eric Zemmour influencer, and Raphaël Arnault, anti-fascist activist. In the company of the columnists, they debated around the impact of speeches and movements of the potential presidential candidate of 2022, by trying to answer the question “is he a danger to public order?”.

The tone quickly rose on the set, Juliette Briens not hesitating to attack Raphaël Arnault directly. “You put me in front of someone who is part of the antifa group, so it’s a little strong coffee (to speak of disturbing public order editor’s note) coming from a group of scum whose only occupation is of gravel and of which one of the leaders in Lyon promotes the jihadist group Boko Haram “, she blurted out. It did not take more to react his interlocutor, furious at the speech of the influencer. “There are comrades of our organization who went to fight against Daesh in Syria, that’s my political camp. On the other hand, there are speeches like those of Eric Zemmour, which push far-right activists to move on to terrorist attacks, like Morgan Nisin. This ideological corpus, like the great replacement, pushes people to attacks, it is very serious, “he replied. The tension continued to grow between the two guests, forcing Cyril Hanouna to intervene and hand over to Guillaume Genton

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