Invited on the set of TPMP, Jean-Pierre Pernaut participated in the discussion around Didier Raoult: the presenter seems more on the side of the professor.

Yesterday, Touche Pas à Mon Poste made its comeback with a highly anticipated first broadcast, in which Didier Raoult was notably invited. Several subjects were discussed in particular, including obviously that of the health passport and the general situation in the world.

Today, Tuesday, August 31, it was time for a debrief, still in TPMP. Jean-Pierre Pernaut was present, and took the opportunity to give his opinion on this much disparaged personality.

Last night, Didier Raoult made statements that captured the attention of many viewers: for him, giving a third dose of vaccine to people at risk is not shocking, and only “history will decide” on effectiveness health passport.

Without language of wood and with a certain firmness, the professor also affirmed “not to make political propaganda” and that his wish was to “do science” … while being able to “look at himself in the mirror” in the evening, before going to sleep. Words that seem to have conquered Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

On the set of Cyril Hanouna, Jean-Pierre Pernaut therefore confided in what he thought of the microbiologist in front of the C8 spotlights.

The former presenter of the TF1 newspaper also spoke about the start of the controversy, and on the subject of hydroxychloroquine, which was banned from the government after a study proclaimed its dangerousness. “The Department of Health jumped on this study which dismantled hydroxychloroquine and banned it. The next day the study was so bogus that the authors themselves admitted it, I did not understand why the government had not rescinded its ban “.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut also admitted that Didier Raoult’s speech, broadcast last night, was completely coherent and allowed himself a final statement: “we have to shut up and let the doctors work. . and treat us. “