For once, the debate was lively this evening in “Touche pas à mon poste”. Among his guests, Cyril Hanouna received Thomas Saïdi, an activist from the L214 association who infiltrated a slaughterhouse for 4 months. The latter came out of his investigation with edifying images of animal suffering. Therefore, the program launched the debate “Is there an urgency to close the slaughterhouses?”. A question to which the activist of the animal rights association founded in 2008 seems to have the answer. “There will always be suffering. We kill 3.5 million animals every day. Obviously, it creates conditions like that. No, to my knowledge, I have never seen a clean slaughterhouse that respects animals. , it is incompatible “, affirmed Thomas Saïdi.

Very invested in the animal cause, Delphine Wespiser did not fail to cry out her indignation in the face of a shameful situation that continues over time, without any solution being put in place. “Killing is killing. There were videos like that on ‘red label’ slaughterhouses, it’s the same thing. Here in the public, it’s the same for us, half of the people do not. have not looked at these images. If you don’t look, you don’t endorse. It’s the meat that must be rejected. You cannot want to vomit while looking at this, and have an urge to eat “, s’ is carried away the ex miss France 2012.