In his daily Touche pas à mon poste program this Thursday, May 27, Cyril Hanouna experienced a real moment of nervousness. Indeed, the behavior of his guest Jean Messiha had the gift of making him particularly angry. If the two men know each other well, the host seemed very far from appreciating the intervention of the former member of the national gathering. Objeko therefore returns for you on this sequence during which calm was not the key word.

This is not the first time that Jean Messiha has taken a seat on Touche’s plateau not at my post. This senior French official and politician is even a regular on the C8 plateau. Indeed, he regularly appears in Cyril Hanouna’s show to deliver his opinion, which is often decided on a large number of subjects. This is how he recently took a position on the return of footballer Karim Benzema to the French team or criticized the government’s decisions in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. But today, Jean Messiha seemed in a great hurry to deliver his feelings about Booba’s latest media release.

The French rap star has indeed spoken about the national rally lately. “This is a party that should never exist. Simply. We should not be able to vote for someone who is part of the National Front. Me, I assimilate the National Front, I see it as Nazis, for me, I see it that way. I do not find it normal that we can vote for Nazis. There can’t be a Nazi party, that’s my opinion. ” While the subject is raised by Cyril Hanouna and his columnists on the TPMP set, Jean Messiha is determined to respond to this intervention. He even stamps impatiently. However, his speech will be short-lived. Objeko explains why.

Cyril Hanouna had indeed decided that the subject was truly worth developing calmly. Géraldine Maillet therefore began by giving her impression, stating that she did not agree at all with the words spoken by Booba. She thus found the comparison between the national rally and the Nazi party much too daring. “It’s like when Jean-Marie Bigard compares the health pass to the yellow star. It’s super serious ”.

Is the national rally a “racist” party? @JeanMessiha responds to @booba and @CCastaner in #TPMP and debate with @Aurelientache!

Perfectly, on the same wavelength, Jean Messiha then wants to intervene. Still, the way he goes about it is going to be far from satisfying the Touche host not in my post. Cyril Hanouna will even be forced to call him to order in a rather firm manner. Objeko explains everything to you.

If the discussions were rather calm on the plateau of Touche, not at my post that day, Jean Messiha’s attitude simply put Cyril Hanouna beside himself. But far from containing himself, the show’s host and producer decides recess is over. “You give us stuff, we fight! You make me dear! Without messing around (…) I’m telling you! It’s unbearable, you suck. I saw you at Pascal Praud’s, you don’t do the same. Clearly, Cyril Hanouna criticizes his guest for adopting a behavior at home that he would not allow himself on the other sets. It now remains to be seen whether the message will have been heard by the main party concerned and whether of course Cyril Hanouna will continue to invite him to Touche pas à mon poste. Because obviously for the host, Jean Messiha has simply crossed the line.

But if the former politician seemed so eager to respond to Booba’s statements, it is because there is a history between the two men. Last March, they actually met on the Touche plateau not at my post in a particularly tense atmosphere. In fact, there was even a real clash. Therefore, the senior official will probably have wanted to take this opportunity to add a layer. However, the form used did not seem at all to the liking of Cyril Hanouna, who did not hesitate to put an end to this intervention, which was deemed inappropriate. The C8 host used rather colorful vocabulary to get his point across. In other words, the historic TPMP presenter was simply unable to contain himself in the face of what he said was totally inappropriate behavior.

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