Imagine what Morocco and Algeria would be like if they were united economically and industrially, in the will to act hand in hand in the face of the enemies of unity. They would constitute a new power which would make the voice of a strong Maghreb heard.

In any conflict, there is the time for anger, reproaches, insults, then there is the time for silence. This is the time for reflection where we weigh the pros and cons, where we take into account the inevitably harmful and disastrous consequences of a confrontation, then there is the time, difficult but precious, that of recognize your wrongs.

Morocco, through the voice of its Sovereign, has clearly stated its desire for peace and fraternity. History has taken note of this outstretched hand.

Algeria responded with invective and escalating tension by severing diplomatic relations with its neighbor to the west.

The fact remains that the two peoples aspire to only one thing, peace and reunion after the opening of the borders.

A new era is possible, especially in these troubled times when the world is changing with brutality and regression. The victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan is a despairing sign of these troubles where barbarism wins over reason, violence over civilization.

We can see that some have an interest in destabilizing our region. The Arab world or what remains of it is a heartbreaking sight. Inter-Arab divisions have succeeded in destroying an entity and a civilization.

The Maghreb has been contaminated with the poison of the division. Libya is stuck in chaos where powers are pulling the strings. Tunisia is fighting as best it can to save its institutions and its economy. As for Morocco and Algeria, they are on the verge of an armed conflict which will bring happiness to arms dealers – and they are legion – and the misfortune of two peoples who dream of peace and reconciliation.

For that, I must admit that the exit of the Moroccan ambassador to the United Nations on Kabylia was a mistake, a serious mistake.

As Morocco has fought for more than 45 years for its territorial integrity and against separatism, an ambassador hurts Algeria by raising a delicate issue.

It was this statement that ignited the powder in Algeria. Whatever the goal of this exit, the fact remains that it is an interference in the internal politics of the neighbor.

Morocco should withdraw this declaration. The time to recognize this error is here. Algerian leaders need Morocco to prove, as the Sovereign has recalled, its benevolence and its sincere desire to keep the Maghreb Union alive.

The rest is backstage diplomacy. Reason, the need for a common and shared prosperity, the constitution of a strong and solid entity facing Europe, should prevail in the face of the warlike adventure, one which would seek revenge for an interference in the neighbor’s internal affairs.

Then it will be up to Algeria to recognize the Moroccan character of the Southern Provinces and to accept the solution presented by Morocco within the United Nations. Morocco, like Algeria, is keen to consolidate its territorial integrity.

A Maghreb union is possible. We have seen how Europe, even sick, tries to hamper the economies of our countries. Faced with this Europe, a Maghreb united on objective bases outside ideologies, could constitute a new deal which would guarantee the prosperity of the two countries, put an end to unemployment and dry egoisms which bring nothing to the two peoples.

For that, we will have to overcome resentment, political moods, we will have to think about the future of our youth who need to have self-confidence, who will no longer be seduced by the Western mirage. The brain drain is a misfortune whose consequences we see every day. You should know that more than 12,000 Maghreb doctors and professors of medicine work in France, while our countries are suffering from a terrible shortage of this profession, especially in this time of health crisis which seems to be going on for a few more years. This is just one example among many. Imagine what Morocco and Algeria would be like if they were united economically and industrially, in the will to act hand in hand in the face of the enemies of unity. They would constitute a new power which would make heard the voice of a strong Maghreb determined to defend its entity, its culture, its civilization.