It was supposed to be a transitional stage … But as often since the start of this lap, the riders did not hear it that way.

If the start is given calmly, at Petit-Canal, very quickly, the riders put in some acceleration to get out of the peloton. But no exit authorization is granted … All must return to the ranks.

The peloton rolls at a frantic pace, to such an extent that several riders are let go in the first kilometers.

At the crossroads of the Bay, in Le Moule, escaped the forceps of a dozen runners, including Gobin, Vadic, Guerrero, Rivas Molina, Pellegrin, Hopkins, Carène, Anzola, Braz Afonso … If they manage to put 20 seconds between them and the peloton, they are finally quickly taken back, in Sainte-Marguerite, in Moule.

But, on the road to Petit-Canal, Alexandre Lachages tries everything for everything and places an attack … The member of the Excelsior quickly takes the lead. Damien Laversanne from USL also decided to show off the jersey and set off in pursuit of him, in Campeche, Anse-Bertrand. The junction is made shortly before the rise of Fonds Rose.

And there, surprise 2 other riders leave the peloton. The two leading men saw the arrival of José Alarcon and Stéfan Bennett, the yellow jersey, in person. By leaving the peloton, the yellow jersey thus upsets all the strategies of the different teams.

And as he also wants to participate in the party, the restless Axel Zingle of CC Etupes, catches up with all these little people in Port-Louis.

The group led by Bennett is up to 1’10 ahead. But the riders do not get along … At the back, the peloton begins to roll …

Aware that they condemn the breakaway, too dangerous for the men in the peloton, Alarcon and Bennett, respectively 7th and 1st in the general classification, let themselves be taken down. Lachages, Zingle and Laversanne continue their journey.

Alarcon and Bennett returned to the fold, the peloton calmed down. Except one die-hard … After struggling since the start of the morning, had 2 breakdowns, struggled to find the peloton, Polychronis Tzortzakis apparently had ants in his legs, attacked and reunited the leading group , before the climb to Bois d’Inde, in Morne-à-l’Eau.

The peloton is keeping an eye on the grain, because at the front there are two jersey wearers at the front, Zinglé, the pink jersey of combativeness and Tzortzakis, the green jersey of the individual general in points. They remain 1’10 off the lead.

But the time trial champion, Polychronis Tzortzakis does not want to finish in the sprint. He accelerates after the Pelletan crossroads, in Port-Louis. Too fair, Laversanne is left behind. Lachages hangs on and takes the wheel of the Greek.

In the last two kilometers, as the peloton returns, Tzortzakis accelerates and leaves … Lachages cannot follow. He is overtaken by the peloton.

He had warned, he came to win stage victories. Polychronis Tzortzakis from Kuwait pro cycling team has a 2nd stage, in Morne-à-l’Eau.

At 3 seconds, Théo Menant de la Vendée U, 3rd, Axel Zingle, at the same time.

The valiant Alexandre Lachages finished with the peloton, 3 seconds behind the winner. The Excelsior rider was greeted by Polychronis Tzortzakis.