The Tour du Doubs cycling race will take place on Sunday, September 5, 2021. Jean-Louis Perrin, vice-president of the Morteau-Montbenoit bicycle club, organizer of the event tells us about it …

The Tour du Doubs returns this Sunday with some great headliners! Among the riders present, 25 riders were on the Tour de France and about fifteen on the Giro 2021!

“This is the most up to date we have had on the Tour du Doubs,” enthuses organizer Jean-Louis Perrin.

Jean-Louis Perrin: “It was a very big organization. Despite everything, it went well. We did not have any particular difficulties. We welcome 24 teams including 14 foreigners. We must therefore take precautions and facilitate their arrival in our department.

As for the organization of a professional race like the Tour du Doubs, it’s a big job. We need funds. We have emblematic partners such as: the Department, the Region, the City of Morteau, Pontarlier. Then you have to go and get the rest from other partners who are sensitive to what you are doing.

In total, this represents around 150,000 euros. Some people ask me how I manage to run a race like this with this budget. All the extra money you can have adds value to the event.

Setting up the race is also an important part. We have volunteers who are on site, who are dedicated to making it work. We have a good collaboration with the Cities of Morteau and Pontarlier which help us and provide material “.

Jean-Louis Perrin: “I never doubted the possibility of organizing the event. Last year, we set it up at the same time. We had a very good race. The public is requesting this type of event It is a free show 25 athletes have done the Tour de France and about fifteen who have done the Giro (Tour of Italy).

You should know that a race like this brings to the side of the road: the old and the young of the bicycle schools. The Tour du Doubs is also the image of a bicycle club of 200 dedicated members for this race “.

tour of the doubs

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