The first victory of the Tour de Bretagne, raced between Le Cambout and Allineuc (Côtes-d’Armor), was won by Valentin Retailleau (AG2R Citroën team).

Sacred champion of France hopes last July, the young cyclist of 21 years has imposed himself at the end of 159 kilometers in a sprint with ten riders.

The second stage of the Tour de Bretagne will take the riders from Corlay (Côtes-d’Armor) to Rosporden on Tuesday. Departure scheduled at 11:45 am.

All the steps are to be followed on our facebook page. Starting from Le Cambout at 2 p.m., this first stage made a brief foray into Morbihan before returning to the Côtes d’Armor for an arrival in Allineuc.

►All the stages will be the subject of a live of at least two hours to be followed on our facebook page from Monday to Friday and live on our antenna on Saturday and Sunday.

►A special page of our regional newspaper will be devoted to the Tour de Bretagne. From Monday to Thursday, Valérie Chopin will take stock of the day’s stage at 6:35 p.m. for 13 minutes live, also the opportunity to discover the backstage of the Tour through reports shot by Gilles Le Morvan and Jean-Marc Seigner.

Valérie Chopin will have as guests to return to today’s stage Damien Martin speaker and commentator of this Tour de Bretagne 2021 as well as Alexandre Léauté, quadruple medalist at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Gilles Le Morvan will live behind the scenes of the event, in this 13mn page, live from 6.30pm.