The faces were closed but far from dejected. It was around 11 am when Patrice Garande’s group gathered in the middle of the training ground. Janis Antiste in the lead. However, after the loss the day before, Patrice Garande and his staff were upbeat. “I told them they are still hopeful…” said the Toulouse coach after the meeting.

Yesterday before the start of the session, Patrice Garande gathered everyone in the middle of the field. His staff was standing behind him, the twenty players in front, attentive. For nearly ten minutes, the Toulouse coach spoke to his troops, calmly, without shouting. The looks were serious, less of a joke than usual. More than ever, the players gave the impression of being at half-time in this double confrontation.

The group then split in two. The holders of the day before went running for a good twenty minutes. Note, however, the absence of one of them. Steven Moreira did not attend the session, probably spared.

Substitutes side, the nine players were satisfied with several ball exercises at the foot, without forcing too much. There was no question of tiring organizations already exhausted by a long season of 45 games.

A short session of less than an hour but a lot of discussion. As if the problem was not with the game, but rather with the issue. After Garande’s long talk, it was Fabien Barthez who isolated himself for very long minutes with goalkeeper Maxime Dupé. The goalkeeper didn’t put out his best game on Thursday night. A regular at big meetings, Barthez may have revealed his secrets to him so as not to be paralyzed by the tension of an important game. And the bald divine knows what he’s talking about. “He will bring us his resistance to pressure,” Garande said of him when he arrived.

Discussion also following the session. The players also took the time to chat with the dozen or so supporters present. They have also been reassuring to their aficionados. “It will do it, we believe in it,” Kelvin Amian said. In his wake, Brecht Dejaegere clenched his fist: “Nothing is lost, it will do in the second game”.

A little later it was Sam Sanna who took the time to stop. And his clear-sighted analysis has something to give hope: “We weren’t good and we managed to get 2-1. So if we are good on Sunday, there is no reason why it shouldn’t. not.” The mountain dweller sees correctly. They just have to be good on Sunday.

After having largely dominated Thursday’s game, the Nantes people will take us down, it is inevitable whatever we say and do because unconsciously the supposed superiority is inscribed in the minds.
It is up to our players to take advantage of it, they are capable of it and in addition the Nantes will be in their third game in 7 days that can also play a role.
Go TEF !!!

Talk therapy? When you have square feet or are as sharp as an iron, there’s work!

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