“To become the school of educational well-being” is the goal set for 2026 TBS BS, which changes its name to become TBS Education. A well-being that goes through the qualitative because the Toulouse management school gives priority to strengthening its reputation in its initial training programs.

Presenting its new strategic plan on April 6, it does not forget to display quantified ambitions since the establishment wants to go from 5,500 students to 7,000 and increase its turnover from 55 million euros to 75 million euros.

S. Lavigne: “My ambition is for TBS to regain its place in the top 10 management schools”

TBS begins its transformation by taking the quality of company with mission. “We have been committed to a more sustainable world for several years. We had this project, built with our stakeholders, for more than a year. But the crisis delayed us. After the validation of the board of directors, we build our definitions and our indicators, a stage which should end in mid-May, ”explains Stéphanie Lavigne, general manager of the establishment.

This approach will feed into research and initial and continuing training at the Toulouse school, already labeled DD&RS. After emlyon and Grenoble EM, Toulouse BS is the third master’s degree management school to announce this new quality.

The school wants to strengthen social openness, by applying, as of next year, tuition fees adapted to each individual’s income for students in the first and second years of the bachelor and in the first year of the Grande Ecole program, levels where the alternation is not possible. In this, it follows the path of Essca, which has also announced that it is implementing modulation.

“Despite the efforts of business schools on the subject of tuition fees, they remain tainted with a reputation: it is believed that it takes great financial capacity to integrate it,” said the executive director. A petition denouncing too high tuition fees in business schools was also launched this fall, collecting more than 22,500 signatures.

The cost, estimated at € 500,000, will be financed by additional staff, particularly in bachelor’s and executive education.

In addition, the school wants to increase from 20 to 30% scholarship holders, all statuses combined. The development of work-study programs will be another lever for promoting equal opportunities.

An important pillar of its strategy, TBS wants to “increase the reputation of its programs”. Thus, the school sets itself the objective of maintaining its bachelor in management in the French top 3. TBS also plans to open two courses in e-health and e-sport / sport and the creation of an aero / mobility bachelor in partnership with another school, such as an engineering school.

On the PGE side, Toulouse BS has set itself the objective of appearing in the French top 10 and the European top 30, by strengthening double degrees, work-study programs and soft skills and by stepping up international recruitments.

“Today, we are oscillating between 11th and 12th places. We have already been in the Top 10 and we have already reaffirmed our ambition to regain this place, by stepping up investments in educational innovation, the faculty, the campuses … “, Explains Stéphanie Lavigne.

To improve these positions, the strategy involves in particular an academic strengthening, going from 114 to 140 professors, with an HDR rate of 30 to 45%. It thus wishes to go from 322 academic articles published per year, to 500 publications.

“We have several objectives. First of all, to develop impactful research for companies and organizations. We also want to continue to increase the expertise of centers of excellence on CSR-SD, artificial intelligence and business analytics, aeronautics and space. Finally, we are building an innovative pedagogical model based on recognized experimental learning approaches “, specifies the director.

The teaching will be based on a mix of distance and face-to-face lessons. “Students have a distaste for distance, which is associated with the deprivation of the student experience. The school will be face-to-face, resolutely in a face-to-face pedagogy between teachers and learners, while deploying everything we can is able to do in distance “, explains the general manager. A digital campus will thus allow free access to content.

In addition, TBS announces the launch at the start of the 2021 school year of the “CPF made by TBS Education”, a lifetime account for alumni. It must ensure the development of skills and soft skills throughout the career of graduates. It is also creating a renewable subscription system to access part of the training offer online, in connection with the digital campus.

To become the school for “educational well-being”, TBS plans to invest 130 million euros in its campuses. In Toulouse, a new, innovative and eco-responsible campus will be inaugurated in 2025, near the current site. The Barcelona campus will change location to move into a district dedicated to innovation. Casablanca and Paris must also be equipped with new buildings to “integrate fully into a world in transition”.

Each campus will have its vocation: Toulouse will be the flagship, Paris will be the hub for the international market (with an increase in international recruitments), Barcelona for Latin America and Casablanca for Africa.

It will develop strategic partnerships, in particular in the United States (within the Babson collaborative network) and in Canada, to strengthen the school’s expertise, create new synergies and dual skills. Agreements are being finalized.

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