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A brawl broke out around 5 p.m. this Monday in front of the Hélène-Boucher high school in Toulouse. Three underage adolescents were injured.

Big mess, this Monday, at the end of the afternoon in front of the Hélène-Boucher high school, in the district of Compans-Caffarelli in Toulouse. For some reason, a brawl broke out between two groups of teenagers. Two young people opposed three others, around 5 p.m. They came to blows but a bladed weapon was also drawn. Three victims were injured, very lightly, two of whom were cut with a blade. The firefighters went to the scene to provide care to the victims whose lives are not in danger. The police services also quickly intervened. The reason for the altercation remains to be clarified.

Ah here, they often forget at home, the books of the subjects taught but not to provide themselves with all the paraphernalia of the perfect scum!

Is the blade in question a saber? It’s true that two teenagers make a group, but fair, just … 🙂