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In anticipation of the bad weather announced by Météo France for the weekend of October 30 to November 1 in the Var department, a prefectural decree forbids entering the burnt forest areas.

In the following municipalities: Gonfaron, Les Mayons, Vidauban, La Garde-Freinet, Grimaud, Cogolin and la Môle.
The trees set on fire this summer are fragile and could fall under the cumulative effect of wind and downpours. The accumulations of rain forecast this weekend on the Maures massif also risk causing landslides due to the absence of vegetation and making the tracks impassable.
Reminder on the national nature reserve: the prefectural decree of September 10, 2021 prohibits forestry activities, hunting and fishing activities as well as the circulation of pedestrians, cyclists and riders within the perimeter of the national nature reserve of the plain of the Moors.

Julien Azoulai, Bernard Bertucco Van Damme, Thierry Cari, Pascal Jolliet,
Nicolas Tudort, Greg Vuylsteker, Francine Marie