The intensity of Lille, the promises of Angel Gomes and the catastrophic match of Brooks: find our Tops and Flops at the end of the match between Lille and Wolfsburg (0-0).

The intensity of Lille Not favorites at the start, the Lille immediately took the measure of this Champions League match. Well present in the duels, Gourvennec’s men suffocated their opponent from the start of the match and pushed them to make unusual technical errors. The Andrà © -Xeka pair also handled the German midfielder perfectly, who spent most of the game enduring. The rare German offensives went through the left side, where the Lille pressing was less dense.

The Botman-Fonte pair Described at the start of the season, the Fonte-Botman pair responded when needed. Used to conceding at least one goal per game at the start of the championship, the two central ones impressed with their serenity in the duels and in the anticipation. The two colossi managed their clash with Weghorst perfectly, who could never be found in good conditions and who was illustrated by his technical inaccuracies.

The promises of Angel Gomes Returned on loan this summer from Boavista, Angel Gomes has signed a promising performance. For his first in the Champions League, the 21-year-old winger seemed uncomfortable on the lawn of the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium. Present in the duel, technically fair and always with the desire to play forward, Gomes gave a glimpse of more than promising qualities. He even tried his luck from afar on several occasions (38th and 55th). A performance sufficient to upset the Lille offensive hierarchy?

Yilmaz’s debauchery of energy Frustrating evening for Burak Yilmaz. In his distinctive style, the Turkish center-forward spent his game stepping up high-intensity races and harassing the Wolfsburg defense. He first got the better of Maxence Lacroix in the race, then he is the origin of the first of two yellow cards for Brooks. However, like his team, he narrowly missed the last move and hit his head at close range in the 70th. He may be the first frustrated of this European evening.

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Wolfsburg’s attack down Highly anticipated offensively, Wolfsburg disappointed in this Champions League poster. The German attacking quartet walked through the game like a ghost. Long awaited, Weghorst was eaten by the Fonte-Botman pair and was never able to combine with his teammates. Nmecha proved to be more to his advantage as his team were already down to 10. An evening to forget for the Wolfsburg offensives.

Brooks off topic The US center-back must have been pretty darn relieved at the final whistle. If Maxence Lacroix held his rank, Brooks, meanwhile, dragged his sentence throughout the match and suffered greatly in the face of the mobility of Lille. To initial his copy completely irrelevant, the central defender was guilty of a voluntary hand in the midfield which earned him a second yellow (63rd). A lunar gesture that almost cost a lot of money for his teammates.

Lille’s ineffectiveness This Tuesday night, Lille achieved the almost perfect match for their return to the Champions League. However, he only missed the goals on the pitch at Stade Pierre-Mauroy. Dominators in all areas of the game, Jocelyn Gourvennec’s men were narrowly missing in the last move, whether it was the pass or the shot (16 shots, 3 on target). An inefficiency which, combined with a bit of bad luck, leaves room for a frustrating draw for Lille.

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