Top Chef has been putting stars in the public eye for a long time. In addition, the show’s events offer viewers an unprecedented chance to meet exceptional cooks, pushed to their limits. In fact, whether they crack or resist the pressure, Top Chef’s candidate chiefs despite themselves make themselves very endearing. Viewers may thus want to hear from their favorite candidates. And often also, wanting to find the delicious addresses of their restaurants to finally taste their star dishes.

This was the case for one of the Top Chef finalists, Guillaume Pape. He amazed the public so much that more than 20,000 people still follow him on his Instagram account today. The young man is one of the 2019 Top Chef finalists. And he’s got a lot to be proud of, Objeko grants you that. His restaurant is called L’Embrun and he runs it, or rather ran it, with his partner. Indeed, the personal and professional routes of the couple separate and Guillaume Pape explains everything on his Instagram account.

This is a turning point for this cook from the great Top Chef family. With his partner, Marlène Breton, Guillaume Pape had made big plans. He was running his restaurant with her. She was in charge of the dining room while he was the chef. They were both the owners of the L’Embrun restaurant. And their meeting was also in a restaurant. Definitely, Top Chef or not, they were destined to do haute cuisine and fans of Guillaume Pape had every reason to think that they would do it together for a long time to come, Objeko had no doubts.

Indeed, the 2019 Top Chef finalist is not very expansive on social media regarding his privacy. Thus, as the website of the restaurant L’Embrun always states that Marlène Breton and Guillaume Pape are the owners and work hand in hand, they could not have suspected that the couple was floundering. But it is well known that it is impossible to know what is going on in an outside couple.

However, while the couple of this former Top Chef finalist are now a thing of the past, the restaurant continues to write its history. And Guillaume Pape writes his with him. Indeed, it was by announcing that the restaurant was closing its doors so that the teams could enjoy a holiday that he took the time to take stock of his household. He even explains that this news could have reached his subscribers more quickly. But undoubtedly this top chef of Top Chef did not want to worry Internet users.

It is discreetly and elegantly that the 2019 Top Chef finalist updates his personal and professional situation with his audience. There was no question for him of overdoing it or of falling into sentimentalism. Objeko will not surprise you however by telling you that among the reactions of its subscribers, some wish above all to encourage Guillaume Pape. Indeed, it is not because he prefers to say that everything is going for the best that he does not have to suffer a minimum of this separation.

“L’Embrun is closing its doors for holidays today and it’s the moment for me to tell you that my personal path with Marlene has been separated for some time now and now our professional paths too. L’Embrun continues to evolve and so do I. And don’t worry, I am happy in both professional and personal life. ” wrote this prestigious candidate for Top Chef.

By ending his message by stating that he is happy, Guillaume Pape effectively reassures a good part of his subscribers. And maybe he is sincere indeed. Also, his followers can assume that he hadn’t spoken about this situation before so as not to have to say that he was in low spirits. After all, separation is never easy. All the more so when this separation also impacts the professional sphere. But Guillaume Pape has already proven to Top Chef fans that he is a fighter. So, as long as he can cook, then he won’t be let down.

Julie Bourdin – Web editor passionate about culture and news. I make a point of keeping my readers informed on the latest news.

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