A file manager plays a vital role in the Android ecosystem. When you try to import a picture or document into any app, the operating system opens the built-in file manager to select a file. The problem occurs when the file manager fails to start and displays the error “Unfortunately the file manager has stopped”. Here’s how you can fix the problem.

Google nailed file management on Android. Better file management is one of the reasons to get an Android over an iPhone. However, a file manager that stops in the middle of operation can leave a bad taste.

It is always advisable to restart your Android phone regularly. A simple restart of the Android phone can fix normal glitches such as: B. if the Android file manager does not work.

On most Android phones, the restart button is integrated into the power button. Long press the power button and tap restart to restart the phone. Try accessing Files apps and it should work as expected.

The default Files app will keep running in the background to quickly open the app when needed. If you have problems accessing the file manager, you can force quit the app and close all processes completely from the background.

The standard file manager collects data in the background to improve search suggestions. Excessive amount of such data can cause the file manager on Android to stop. Let’s clear the file manager’s cache and try again.

This trick applies to phones with 3GB or 4GB of RAM. You must have minimal RAM on the phone in order to use the file manager.

If you are running low on RAM, the file manager on the phone may not open. You need to open the multitasking menu and remove apps.

Now that the file manager has more RAM, you can easily open it and use it.

Running out of phone memory? Insufficient memory space on the device can lead to errors such as: For example, if apps don’t open on your phone.

If you’re not careful with IM apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, your phone gallery (and storage) can be filled with thousands of media files. For Android to run smoothly, you need to free up phone memory.

The best way to deal with junk is with the Files by Google app. Download and open the app from the link below.

Android OS allows you to install third-party apps from the web. If you are not careful, you could potentially download files from malicious files and software to your phone.

You can identify such files and remove them from your phone. Restart the Android phone and use the file manager.

Most Android OEMs regularly release monthly security patches. They include the latest security features and bug fixes.

Open the Settings app on your Android phone and go to the system menu. Tap System Update and download the latest firmware to the phone.

If you still get it, unfortunately the file manager has stopped the popup on Android and it’s time to sign up for another app from the Google Play Store to decide.

The Play Store is filled with excellent third-party file manager apps. Among them, the Solid Explorer file manager is our top choice for excellent design, powerful features, cloud storage support, and one-time payment.

Pausing the file manager can lead to frustration. Before rushing to the nearest service center to fix the problem, use the tricks above and fix the error that the file manager has unfortunately stopped on Android.

Last updated on November 27, 2021

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