If the managerial changes during the season often express the bad form, or even the discomfort of a group, the establishment of a new ecosystem also represents an unexpected opportunity for some players to find a privileged place within of the collective. And if some “first knives” could lose their feathers, others seem to have a lot to gain with the arrival of Franck Azéma in the harbor. Privileged observer of the club struck by thrush, Aubin Hueber (who himself experienced this problem when he took over from Jean-Jacques Crenca during the 2008-2009 season, to accompany Tana Umaga) confirms that different players could benefit from this change of manager to “overturn the table”.

“Before modifying everything, you have to take stock of the situation. It is this step which allowed me, when I arrived in 2008-2009, to give a chance to guys like Guillaume Ribes or Davit Kubriashvili. Each coach has ideas for play, and when Tana wanted mobile fronts, I thought it was relevant to have successful players in conquest.A new coach can requalify some guys in positions that he considers essential in his game plan. ”

Can Setiano and Brookes therefore challenge Gigashvili? Will Cordin, who has never hidden his preference for the full-back position, be able to upset Luc? Dachary, always to his advantage when he has had the chance, will he have the opportunity to join forces with Hériteau and Paia’aua? And what about Takulua, Du Preez, Smaïli, Robert, Moretti, Tuwai, Warion or Devaux which, although they have been used less so far, do not seem light years away from their competitors? “To say that everyone is starting from the same starting line is a bit wrong”, because Franck Azéma knows the qualities and profiles of each player.

However, a lot of guys can earn credit. If they are successful and stick to the rugby set up, some may consider moving up a place or two in the hierarchy. Nothing is ever definitive at the highest level. “If the hierarchy will obviously not be revolutionized at each position, it seems in any case that the cards have really been redistributed in the harbor with the arrival of Franck Azéma.” to Franck’s ideas, and in collaboration with his assistants, he can revive, restore confidence to some guys he thinks could be useful in his game project. “Bodes well for the less used players at the start of the season? in any case, the latter seem to have (a lot) to gain with the arrival of the Catalan. And this from this weekend against Lyon, during a match which will allow the new Var manager to know a little more about his new troops.

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