Rather singular half-time in Perpignan where defenses and indisciplines punctuated the 40 minutes. Clumsy scorers and half-mast attacks almost led us to the break with a goalless score, but the USAP, by its three-quarters, was able to play a perfect shot in an end of the first period territorially dominated by La Rochelle.

It’s the break at Aimé-Giral with this last try of the Catalans on a fatal counter.

Taumoepeau test! On the recovery of the ball after the forward, three-quarters of the USAP at the initiative of Duguivalu play quickly to the left to go to the left. Taumoepeau alerted Dubois who set off along the line to make a huge difference. once within 22m he finds Taumoepeau who concludes with a slipped dive!

The video is requested for a possible test of Gourdon for La Rochelle! It is Delguy who tackles him and seems to push him into touch in time. The first pictures don’t help.

After several positive playing times for USAP, the ball was lost due to illegal ground support from Oviedo. Half-time will be reached at 0-0 if it continues like this, a statistical rarity surely.

To play this 3rd scrum, Haddad gives way to Léo Aouf. The referee will have his eye on the first line of La Rochelle.

From the right of the field, Tristan Tedder does not adjust the aim and misses this new penalty. The score remains unperturbed since the kick-off.

After the touch and a structured maul that progresses for the USAP. It’s still collapsed. The sanction will drop.

Penalty for the USAP! It is again Wardi who is stigmatized by Vincent Blasco-Baqué as for the first scrum. Perpignan is back, finally, within 22m of La Rochelle.

The Maritimes steal the ball from the deep lineup and can go back to sea from their camp with Rhule. A forward Rochelais causes a melee towards the middle of the field slightly in the camp of the USAP.

An umpteenth time the dispute of the USAP is good and returns possession to the Catalans from their 22m.

Territorial domination is largely La Rochelle but ultimately the opportunities to score points are not so plethora.

While Vito, well offset by Rhule small side, had made a breakthrough, Rhule launched too hard for the clearing is sanctioned and he opened to the arcade his teammate in passing.

Following a Perpignan throw, the Rochelais continue this logorrhea of ​​faults and once again allow the USAP to move away from its own 22m.

After several interesting playing times from La Rochelle within 5m of the USAP, the defense takes precedence over the attack and recovers the penalty.

Many approximations at the start of the match at the two clubs. This makes the party indecisive.

Funny scene on the pitch as Rhule and Favre have to exchange their shirts. An error of numbers which disturbed Vincent Blasco-Baqué.

Very good defense of the USAP in a front duel. The ball is buried and Perpignan recovers the ball.

While Favre thought he had scored the try after Sinzelle’s perfect twisted jump pass, it was whistled for a forward but an advantage was in progress and the Rochelais kept the ball.

New penalty for La Rochelle in the 22m for a fault in the touch on a player in the air. We take the Maritime coast button.

Tadjer is also guilty of a foul on the ground. We go to the ball in turn in this first quarter of an hour.

This time it is the USAP which is at fault after the alignment and support too quickly on the ground. West finds a touch within 22m of Perpignan.

Fourth fault for La Rochelle at the start of the meeting. The opportunity this time is not missed by Tedder to find a touch in the visitors’ camp.

No more success for Tristan Tedder in the exercise. For him too it goes to the left of the posts.

Penalty for the USAP in the axis. We got out of play on the Rochelle side over the 40m. Tedder prepares to kick.

The USAP finds the leather with a penalty from its camp. Tedder fails to find the touch … We finally get a touch on the middle line for Perpignan but the throw is badly negotiated. The USAP is too imprecise at the start of the meeting.

The Maritimes are back in the USAP camp with Rhule on the initiative. The Catalans are still in defense.

Ihaia West is unlucky and finds the left post for his first attempt at the foot.

The first attack ball is from La Rochelle and after some playing time, the first penalty falls against Perpignan is whistled. We obstructed the exit of the ball in the tackle-tackle zone. West will attempt it 28 yards to the right of the poles.

The 30 actors have appeared on the lawn and are getting into place!

The Kerr-Barlow / West hinge is unchanged from the match against Toulon. Rhule on the left and Favre on the right will occupy the wings. The pair of centers will be Buliruarua – Sinzelle with the departure of Danty for the Blues. Dulin is at rest and replaced at the back by Dillyn Leyds.

On the Rochelais side and Ronan O’Gara, we also print turnover on the first line with the trio Wardi, Lagrange and Papidze. In the second row, Lavault will pair up with Skelton. In the third row, Vito and Gourdon keep their place but Alldritt left with the Blues is replaced by Paul Boudehent.

For the hinge, Deghmache is preferred to Landajo in the scrum while Tedder retains the opening. Jaminet left for the Blues and will be replaced at the back by Dubois who leaves his right wing. Delguy goes from the left wing to the right. Finally the second match in the center of Jeronimo De la Fuente recovered from his leg injury. He will join the Pumas afterwards. Duguivalu will be on the 11th and Taumoepeau will occupy the position of second center.

A look now at the composition prepared by Patrick Arlettaz for the USAP. 6 changes in the forwards where only Mahu in the second row and Oviedo in the third row are renewed. In the front row, Lotrian and Joly will be the two pillars and Tadjer the heel. Eru enters the second line. In the third row, return of Damien Chouly and Lemalu.

It is never easy to play in Perpignan, they have a team that plays with a lot of power and with the heart ”, said in the week Guram Papidze at a press conference, he who has already come to play on the lawn of Aime -Giral.

David Marty, a few days ago: “We must approach this match with a lot of pride and ambition, keep the same state of mind as against Stade Français by bringing an additional grain of madness in our game”. The Catalan technician also asks for more realism from his players.

The main referee of the match will be Vincent Blasco-Baqué assisted by the touches by Messrs Flavien Hourquet and Pierre Puharre. It is Jean-Luc Rebollal who will officiate in the video.

USAP has the worst attack in the Top 14 and the second worst defense behind Biarritz.

Before the 2018-2019 season, we had to go back to the 2010-2011 season to find traces of such a match in the elite of national rugby. The last Perpignan victory against La Rochelle at home took place on October 2, 2010, 21-16. That season, the USAP had taken both games against the Maritimes.

During the last coming from La Rochelle to Perpignan, on April 27, 2019, the USAP had lost heavily 29-49 in a hyper spectacular match with 11 tries (4 against 7) ​​and which had mathematically sealed the demotion of the Catalans in Pro D2.

At the same time or almost, the USAP fell against the most fit team of the moment, the UBB, in Aquitaine (39-13), leaving the offensive bonus to the Béglais and with only one try.

Last Sunday, the Rochelais crushed at Marcel-Deflandre very sad Toulonnais (39-6) with 5 tries. This defeat got the better of Patrice Collazo’s mission at the head of the RCT. Toulon is also the last team beaten by the USAP during the 4th day.

The 4th of the Top 14 moves to Perpignan, current red lantern in the standings. If the Charentais-Maritimes are rather in great shape with three successes in a row, the slope is reversed for the Catalans who are experiencing a very negative series of 4 losses in a row. The visit of the Convicts today may give the USAP a burst of pride. 10 points already separate the two clubs.

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