The defenses have clearly gained the upper hand over the attacks. The in-goal have not been approached for a long time.

The Paloise Section’s offensive intentions are laudable but its indiscipline often stops its attacks. This is once again the case here, which allows the visiting team to benefit from a scrum in the middle of the field.

This action is annihilated by a good Parisian scratching in the ruck but Pau still returns to the fight.

This is the first failure at the foot for Henry who is therefore 3 out of 4.

Henry tries his luck again after a faulty ruck from the Parisians. 40 meters away, this penalty finally misses the poles.

Hall gives air to his team with a good kick in touch after the pressure was put on from the start by the Pau.

These first 40 minutes were not marked by great offensive surges. We will still remember the beautiful action of Tuimaba stopped a few meters from the Parisian in-goal.

This meeting boils down for the moment to a scoring duel between Henry and Sanchez. For the moment, it is that of the local team which has been the most effective at the end of a first period marked by a lot of technical waste on both sides.

It’s the break at the Hameau stadium on this score of 9 to 6 in favor of Pau.

There is a little tension on the lawn with tackles which are rougher and a few nervous movements.

So many mistakes of hands on both sides which gives a rather disjointed character to this meeting.

Le Hameau is relieved! Decron made the change with an excellent contest on Laumape! We are back in the Parisian camp for a Béarn touch.

The Parisian contest is good on this revival of Tuimaba who isolated himself from his supporters! Penalty for the Stade Français with a touch on the line of 22 meters to come.

Latu is still missing its launch! This is the second time that he has returned possession of the leather to Section Paloise.

Paris tries to play by hand but the opposing defense is compact pushing the capital club to play by foot. This ping-pong game is ultimately favorable to the visiting team.

The game is on fire! If Pau had quickly played a touch near the opponent’s in-goal, a dropped ball allowed Stade Français to restart the game over nearly 50 meters. The crazy action ends with a penalty in favor of the Parisians that Sanchez will attempt.

Pau persists in trying to play kicking over the opposing defense but for the moment, the record of this tactic is very poor. Henry was blocked again on this one.

Penalty for Paris! Maddocks was blocked on his kicking game and behind Henry took too long to raise. Hesitant between the game on foot or by hand, he was shut up by the Parisians.

The Bail gives rhythm to this part but it is not enough to cross the defensive curtain. Once again, the Palois are trying to find depth through kicking but once again it is a little too deep but they have the merit of creating play.

Decron received an excellent ball over Le Bail. Then the game continues with another kicking play that Sanchez lets slip out of the field. It will therefore be a new melee to come for Paris.

Latu’s throw is not straight! New scrum to follow for Pau on the 40-meter line in his own camp.

After a quarter of an hour of play, we feel that the offensive intentions are slowed down by the slightly wet playing conditions. The faults of each other do not facilitate flights either.

The Béarnais pack is still cracking its counterparts! New penalty for the Palois who take the penaltouche.

One of Stade Français’s first game launches ended with a pass. New scrum to follow in the middle of the field.

Penalty for Pau! This time, the Béarnais pack won its duel. Henry will try to equalize.

Tuimaba was close to a try but the defensive withdrawal of two defenders prevented him after a magnificent diagonal at the foot. It was hot on the Parisian in-goal.

The scrum of the Ile-de-France club is well into its match. Here, she negotiated an introduction a few meters from her line and was able to allow her opener to clear the leather at the foot.

The Parisian melee takes over this first pack duel. Penalty ahead for Sanchez on the left side.

The ball will be wet because a drizzle falls on the Hameau stadium where the public responded today.

The two teams have just entered the lawn! Kick-off in a few seconds now.

The weather will be correct for this meeting because the mercury is 17 degrees. The sky is well veiled but the rain, if it were to fall, should not be intense.

Here is the composition of the Section Paloise for this match: Fisi’ihoi, Rey, Corato, Cummins, Metz, Habel Kuffner, Puech, Gorgadze, Le Bail, Henry, Tuimaba, Decron, Manu, Colombet, Maddocks.

9 for Pau, 12 for Paris. The starting fifteen of the Stade Français is almost entirely redesigned for this trip to the Hameau. Kakovin, Burban, Arraté, Briatte, Glover, Macalou, Veainu and Hamdaoui are not present, Coville, Gabrillagues, Segonds and Azagoh are them on the bench. Finally, this team records the return of the Argentinian international opener, Nicolas Sanchez, back from injury.

For this meeting of the 9th day of Top 14, Sébastien Piqueronies and his staff have decided to achieve a little turnover in their starting fifteen. If we compare it to the one that started last week, a total of 9 changes are worth noting. Here they are: Rey, Metz, Decron, Corato, Habel-Kueffner, Manu, Cummins, Henry and Colombet replace Delhommel, Delannoy, Vatubua, Tokolahi, Hamonou, Roudil, Tagitagivalu, Hastoy and Pinto.

For its part, the Stade Français is doing better, much better even. After starting the 2021/2022 fiscal year with 3 losses, Gonzalo Quesada’s men were able to come back up. The last three meetings have all ended in success allowing the Ile-de-France club to move up the rankings. Last weekend, thanks in particular to an excellent first period, the Parisians beat LOU by a score of 23 to 18 and they hope to continue their good streak today in Béarn.

Defeated on the lawn of Clermont last weekend 42-20, the Section must set the record straight. After a disastrous start to the second half at the Marcel-Michelin stadium, conceding 4 tries in 20 minutes, the Béarn team scuttled as they led at the break (13-6). The reception of the Stade Français is therefore an opportunity to relaunch.

Mid-table duel this afternoon at Hameau stadium in Béarn between Section Paloise (11th) and Stade Français (10th). While the visiting team is currently on a 3-game winning streak, the home team has just had 3 straight losses, proof that the dynamics of these two teams are opposed before kick-off.

Hello and welcome to follow live commented on the Top 14 match between Pau / Stade Francais.

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