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Bayonne, for its part, takes a precious defensive bonus point by losing 4 small points against MHR and remains 12th in the standings after the poor result of the Section Paloise. Bayonne will play its home maintenance next weekend against Stade Français.

Montpellier is officially maintained in Top14 thanks to this victory for its last home match! The Montpellier residents will have suffered but have not given up to finish this season at home in front of their home crowd. Montpellier will play its last match of the season in Pau, current play-off in this championship.

Montpellier plays the clock on the fray in its 22 and concedes a broken arm, Bayonne will have one last ammunition to play !!

Bayonne makes a new forward in the opposing 22 meters and loses a new big ammunition a few minutes from the end.

The Bayonnais returned to the charge up to 5 meters from Montpellier. And it is Forletta who takes care of scratching the ball on the ground. The men of Saint-André release the ball at the foot in panic.

Montpellier recovers a good ball on the ground in its 5 meters and manages to free itself with the foot.

A few meters from the opposing endpoint, the Bayonnais chained the pick and go against the Montpellier defense which holds for the moment.

Bayonne gets a good scrum after a Montpellier forward on a long game at the foot of Germain.

Montpellier reacted directly to Germain’s penalty by causing a Bayonnaise foul. Paillaugue puts his team back to 4 points on the score of 23 to 19!

Montpellier is once again penalized on the ground. Germain is in charge of taking the penalty at 50 meters and manages to transform it !! Bayonne returns to a point in the MHR.

Reinach made a good volley stop under pressure in his 22 and decided to play quickly. But the scrum-half quickly loses the ball to the ground. Bayonne does not take advantage of this and makes a forward move.

Germain is back on the pitch after his yellow card. Montpellier failed to take advantage of this numerical superiority during the last 10 minutes to take the lead.

Lestrade again finds the fault in the opposing defense but is sent in touch by the last Montpellier defense. The Bayonnais are very positive at 14 against 15!

Bayonne continues to attack despite the numerical inferiority but stumbles against a good Montpellier defense which does not let go.

The Montpellier residents fail to take advantage of the yellow card and make a mistake twice. The Bayonnais take advantage of this and are now among the 22 opponents.

Germain in turn is penalized and receives a yellow card for having made a voluntary forward.

After video refereeing, the high tackle is no longer whistled and it is Bayonne who recovers the ball after a forward pass from Montpellier. Du Plessis comes out on concussion protocol.

The game is at a standstill after a high tackle on Du Plessis who remains on the ground.

Montpellier recovers the ball by winning the scrum after a foul by Boniface! Pollard clears his team in touch in his 40 meters.

After a long sequence of Bayonne play in the 5 meters of Montpellier. Bru’s men get a scrum at 5 meters for bringing in and tackling an opponent in his in-goal.

Pollard transforms this penalty in the axis of the posts at 40 meters and Montpellier takes a 4-point gap against the Bayonnais on the score of 20 to 16.

Montpellier in turn is on the attack in the opposing camp, and Nixon is penalized on the ground for not leaving the tackle-tackle zone. Pollard will take the points.

After some Bayonne playing time, Ordas tries again to drop more than 30 meters from the posts … but this time is missing! The score remains at 17-16 for Montpellier.

It’s off to GGL Stadium where the Bayonnais kick off the second half.

It’s the break at GGL Stadium where the new European champions lead by a small point against Bayonne on the score of 17 to 16. The Montpellier will have to do better in the second half if they want not to be surprised. for the last at home against combative and catchy Bayonnais.

Ordas also continues his faultless and scores this penalty after the siren. Bayonne returns to a point in the MHR.

After the siren, Bayonne gets a penalty in the opposing camp following a fault by Willemse who collapses maul. The Bayonnais will take the three points about forty meters from the posts.

Before half-time, Bayonne tries to start the attack again, but is forced to clear the ball far at the foot after stumbling against the opposing defense.

Pollard continues his faultless and gives three more points to his team who lead by the score of 17 to 13.

Lestrade is in turn penalized for touching the ball while he was offside. The Montpellier residents will take the three points 40 meters from the posts.

Bayonne gets a penalty 35 meters from the posts after a delayed tackle Montpellier. And it is Ordas who is responsible for taking the penalty to bring his own back to a small point of the premises.

The Montpellier ones find themselves once again on the attack in the opposing camp but once again see the ball intercepted for the benefit of the Bayonnais who tries to start against.

Pollard quietly transforms this second try and Montpellier leads for the first time in the match by a score of 14 to 10.

The second Montpellier try of the match signed Serfontein !! After having found a good touch 5 meters from the opponent’s in-goal following a Bayonnaise fault. The Montpelliérains form a maul who gives nothing but obtains a good penalty. The men of Saint-André once again insist on pick and go and this time it is Serfontein who gives way to the Bayonnaise defense to flatten between the posts.

The Bayonnais recover a good ball after the opponent’s touch and it is Ordas who has always just come into play who scores three new points in drop! Bayonne takes the lead with a score of 10 to 7.

Montpellier tries to start again on the attack but loses the ball very quickly, after some playing time which gives nothing, Lestrade looks up to play with the foot and finds a nice touch 5 meters from the opposing end-goal.

Yannick Bru’s men persist and find themselves at the entrance of the 22 Montpellier, but Lafage makes a forward pass for Boniface and therefore returns the ball to the MHR

The Bayonnais are again on the attack in the opposing camp but make a new forward in contact with the opposing defense.

Muscarditz escapes the Montpellier defense and manages to give the ball to his scrum-half Ruru, but the number 9 makes a forward before going on a trial, not a trial.

From the right side, Pollard transforms this try and brings the two teams up to the score of 7-7.

The Montpellier test signed Bécognée !! The men of Saint-André meet again in the last 5 Bayonnais meters. After a long pick and go sequence, it is the third line Bécognée which manages to flatten in the opponent’s in-goal!

Guirado and his teammates recover a new touch in the Bayonnais 40 meters, but the Montpellier player sees his throw countered by the opposing line-up and loses a new attack ammunition.

Montpellier is struggling to pose its attack. After a new start of play in touch, the men of Saint-André do not understand each other and lose the ball after a bad pass. Bayonne does not take advantage of this and clears the ball at the foot.

Bayonne still holds the ball in this match, after some ineffective playing time, the Bayonnais hit a good candle but it is Bouthier who captures it well in his 22 and stops the game with a mark.

Lafage transforms this first try into a drop to avoid a potential check by the referee, and Bayonne takes the lead with a score of 7 to 0!

Luc’s test for Bayonne !! The Bayonnais find themselves in the advance in the opposing camp, after a good overflow from Lafage in the last 5 meters. The 3/4 fixes the last defender and gives the ball to his rear who goes into the goal to flatten between the posts.

This time it is the people of Montpellier who are at fault! After a new start of play on a touch in the Bayonne camp, Duputs is the first to scratch and gets a good penalty.

The Bayonnais are penalized in this match after an offside from Nixon. Montpellier decides to go into touch and enters the opposing 10 meters.

It is currently 25 degrees in Montpellier and the rain is not here for this match.

The last meeting between these two teams dates back to November 14, 2020 when Bayonne won at home 29-20 for the 9th day of the championship.

Yannick Bru will not be able to count on Barthélémy, De Clerq, Heguy, Ravouvou, Héguy, Hingano and Manuluka, all in the infirmary. Delonca, is suspended.

Philippe Saint-André will have to do without, Arroyo, Ouedraogo, Goosen and Vincent, all injured for this last home match.

On their last 3 trips, the Bayonnais have won twice. Against Toulouse the last day, 32-28 and Toulon on February 26, with a score of 16 to 14.

The last defeat at home in Montpellier dates back to January 29, 2021, against Racing 92 with a score of 22-24. Since then, Philippe Saint-André’s men have strung together 3 wins at GGL Stadium.

For their part, the Bayonnais find themselves 12th in the championship with 44 points. In the event of victory and a poor result from Pau, the skies and whites could also ensure that they remain in the top flight.

Currently 10th in the standings with 50 points on the clock, the Montpellier residents are aiming for a last victory at home to officially stay in Top14.

Hello and thank you for meeting us to follow, live with commentary, this Top 14 meeting between Montpellier and Bayonne.