TRIAL !!! And yet another for La Rochelle. The locals never end! Buliruarua, on a pass at the millimeter foot of Plisson, escapes on the right wing and goes off to register a new attempt without any problem! 57-10! What a hard blow for Biarritz.

TRIAL !!! New test for La Rochelle! Starting from this scrum in the center of the field, the local players combined to go up the entire Biarritz camp. Thanks to hard-hitting forwards who progress near the goal line, it is Picquette who plunges in force to register 5 new points for his team! 50-10! It’s a real festival delivered by La Rochelle to Marcel Deflandre!

New scrum to follow for Biarritz. Darbo emerges in the distance, the Rochelais recover on the right wing. On a bad rally, visitors are penalized, we will play a scrum for La Rochelle.

It is a scrum which is played in the center of the field by Biarritz. Dixon, who entered the game, tries to find solutions with Tcheishvili on the right side, but pressure from La Rochelle results in a counter-ruck which allows the Rochelais to regain possession of the ball.

In addition to the penalty try, it was a yellow card that was inflicted on Samaran, visibly responsible for the blatant Biarrass fault.

Play resumes in the center of the field. The Rochelais are recovering and will play away.

PENALTY TEST! The referee punishes Biarritz for having deliberately collapsed the maul which was to result in an inevitable try from La Rochelle. Mr. Vincent Blasco immediately grants the 7 penalty points to the locals! 47-10

We set off again on the La Rochelle side with a maul created towards the left wing. The action does not give anything, we return to a biarrass fault in the maul. It’s a penalty for La Rochelle. We enter within 5 meters of Biarritz.

Favre is hooked even though he is not carrying the ball in his hands. The referee awards a penalty in favor of the Rochelais.

The transformation is missed by Plisson! We remain at 38-7 for La Rochelle! The game will resume.

TRIAL !!! Here it is, the fifth test from La Rochelle! Starting from a maul, Papidze arrives in ambush and manages to flatten in force despite several defenders on his back. His first test for La Rochelle! 38-10!

It’s a new touch that is being played for La Rochelle. The Bail captures well in the air, it is a ball carried in a maul which progresses in force on the left side.

The test number 5 of the Rochelais is felt. The premises progressed so close to the goal line, Gourdon was stopped a few inches away. The referee returns to an opponent’s fault, the Biarrots have not finished being under pressure.

We are progressing with the forwards of the La Rochelle pack. On a collapsed maul towards the left wing, the referee still penalizes the Biarrots on this action. A penaltouche is played within 5 meters of Biarritz.

The Rochelais recover with Dulin well tackled by the Biarritz defenders. The ball is still lost by the locals, it is hit in touch by the visitors.

The Rochelais try to collide with Gourdon who progresses by 5 meters. The players enter the Biarritz camp. They combine well with Plisson but the referee returns to a forward committed by Biarritz.

Bosch added three points for his team with a good kick in front of the posts at 23 meters. 33-10!

Yellow card for Danty! The pillar of La Rochelle made the referee lose patience with the repeated faults of the premises. 10 minutes in the fridge, La Rochelle will evolve to 14 against 15. Penalty to follow for Biarritz.

New penalty against La Rochelle for tailgating by hand. Lonca finds the touch in the Rochelle camp, on the line of 22 meters.

The touch is lost by the Biarrots once again. There are too many lost balloons that La Rochelle does not hesitate to exploit. Popelin clears his camp, he finds the touch in the center of the field.

It is a penalty against La Rochelle for having deliberately collapsed the melee. Lonca hits in touch and gets closer to the goal line. We are within 22 meters of La Rochelle.

Melee to follow for Biarritz, it is not stable. The referee calls to order, we will replay it.

The locals are recovering in the middle of their camp, Popelin releases in the distance to relieve his team but it is a direct touch that is signaled. We come back to the Rochelle camp.

Melee introduced for Biarritz. On this action, the Rochelais are penalized for a bad regrouping. It is played quickly by Hart who goes against.

The game resumes. The Rochelais are on the lookout but the Biarrots are responding. On a ball in the air, we move away on the left wing where a surplus of visitors is waiting to launch a counter. Finally, the referee reverts to an initial opponent’s foul. It’s a melee in favor of Biarritz.

TRIAL !!! Finally, the reaction of pride of the Biarrots arrived! Starting from a maul progressing on the right wing, Vincent Martin is ideally served as an ambush and, with a sharp race, goes off to mark the test which revives his team under the posts. 33-5!

The Biarrots play an advantage. La Rochelle’s defense is under pressure, but it is holding up well. The forwards from Biarritz are progressing.

We will play a touch in favor of Biarritz within 10 meters of La Rochelle. A good opportunity to come back to the game.

The touch is stolen by the Rochelais who start against. The Bail leaves in the closed, we combine with Dulin, well tackled on the left wing.

Penalty against La Rochelle! Bosch will play a penalty to catch up on the scoreboard. The Biarrots must score a try to revive.

Danty, coming on, combines with Dulin in the middle of the field. The ball is lost for La Rochelle, a candle is played towards the local camp, it is captured by Favre who revives his team.

The ball is messed up by Biarritz, it is recovered by La Rochelle who attacks with Gourdon. The Rochelais are penalized on this action. Bosch finds a key on the left side.

On the Biarritz side, it is very difficult to stem the La Rochelle offensives which constantly put visitors under pressure. A lot of technical waste and individual errors are to be deplored among the Biarrots.

There will really only have been one team on the pitch in those first 40 minutes. 4 tries to 0, the domination of the Rochelais is no doubt.

It’s half time at the Marcel Deflandre stadium! La Rochelle comfortably leads 31-0 against a team from Biarritz which hardly saw the light of day in this first period.

Popelin was not going to miss the 2 points of the transformation from a position that could not be easier. 33-0!

TRIAL !!! Again and again him! Probably well on the way to being elected man of the match, the La Rochelle scrum-half was unstoppable, he who knew how to take back the Biarritz defenders and who was able to flatten without too much difficulty near the posts.

Melee introduced by Hart. Under pressure, the La Rochelle pack overthrows its opponent and Kerr-Barlow recovers the ball 5 meters from the posts.

New scrum for visitors to follow. The packs collapse near the posts, the referee asks that it be redone, and cleanly this time.

New attack of the Rochelais who progress with Lagrange, well tackled on the ground. The Rochelais are hard-hitting but the ball is lost so close to the goal line. Mr. Vincent Blasco saw it, he grants a scrum for Biarritz.

New penalty against Biarritz which offers Popelin the possibility of playing a penalty within 22 meters of Biarrots.

Penalty against Biarritz for a bad rally in the ruck. It is played quickly by Kerr-Barlow who goes against. We finally leave the La Rochelle camp.

The scrum is made, very stable, Kerr-Barlow tries to start against but he is stopped. The ball is finally cleared into touch. We stay in the Rochelais camp.

The touch is played, it is captured by the Biarritz players but a new forward is committed. The referee awards a scrum to La Rochelle.

The Biarrots seem to have woken up. Buliruarua is penalized for a ball kept on the ground. Bosch will play a penalty for his team. We are within 15 meters of La Rochelle.

It is done ! Kerr-Barlow grabs the ball and hits a candle. He even finds the touch that allows his team to breathe after this little fear in his 5 meters.

Melee introduced by La Rochelle, it is not stable, Mr. Vincent Blasco begins to lose patience with the indiscipline of the forwards of the pack. We’re going to replay the scrum.

We will play a throw-in within 5 meters for Biarritz. Da Ros grabs the ball in a maul and hits the La Rochelle defense to score. Unfortunately, the Biarritz hooker loses the ball flush with the in-goal of the premises. Scrum to follow for La Rochelle which was hot.

The game resumes. This time, the Biarrots manage to recover the ball in the center of the locals’ camp. The Rochelais find themselves penalized for a fault in a maul.

TRIAL !!! Huge succession of defensive errors of the Biarrots! Starting from this scrum, the Rochelais a little messy combine to quickly move the ball to the left wing. Buliruarua ideally serves Favre who sprints to go to register at the end of the field, the fourth test of La Rochelle. 26-0!

The game is stopped, obviously Cronin was injured on a tackle from Botia. The referee believes that it is in the rules by seeing the slowdowns, so no sanction against La Rochelle.

New ball lost for Biarritz. La Rochelle forwards are rewarded for their efforts by preventing a player from releasing the ball in a maul. It will be a scrum for La Rochelle.

The Biarrots have their hands on the ball but cannot get out of their camp, under the pressure of the players from La Rochelle. On a turnover, they have no other choice but to make a volley stop to cancel the offesnive of the premises.

TRIAL !!! Kerr-Barlow’s double comes at the right time for La Rochelle! Starting from the center of the ground, the forwards from La Rochelle combined to go up all the Biarritz camp. The superb pass after contact to Antonio allows the Rochelais to progress close to the end line. Kerr-Barlow is on recovery, fakes the pass and scores his second try of the game close to the posts. 19-0!

We play the advantage on the Rochelle side. The premises returned to the attack with offensive aggressiveness. The Rochelais are hungry today.

Hirigoyen escapes from a maul formed on the right wing. Fortunately, the defense of La Rochelle is watching and the number 8 Biarritz is penalized for not having released the ball on the ground in time.

Dulin captures the ball perfectly in the air. Under pressure from Biarritz players, Kerr-Barlow took no risk and hit again. This is very well found in the visitors’ half of the field.

It’s a hit for La Rochelle. Dulin grabs the ball then sends the foot very far into the Biarritz camp. Hart is in recovery and will play in the closed side with Dyer. The scrum-half is to follow.

It was a successful counter-ruck by La Rochelle who stole the ball from Les Biarrots. We will play in the center of the field, Kerr-Barlow hits a candle to follow, it is picked up by Lonca who makes a volley stop. Visitors will be able to free themselves.

TRIAL !!! And it’s a new try for La Rochelle perfectly back in this match. Starting from this touch within 22 meters, the patience of the La Rochelle forwards ended up paying off. Since a maul progressing towards the in-goal, Kerr-Barlow is on the lookout and leaves on the left wing to go flatten alone the second try for his team. 12-0!

The La Rochelle threat is more and more felt in the image of this maul who is progressing towards the end line. Kerr-Barlow has the ball in hand.

Hart puts the ball into the fray. Lonca once again, clears away, finds a touch that does not reassure his teammates because we are still within 22 meters of Biarritz.

New scrum introduced by Biarritz. This one is not stable, the referee intervenes and asks that it be replayed.

The Rochelais restart their game with Picquette who rushes into the crowd but he loses control of the ball in front of the posts. The referee saw it, it is a scrum for Biarritz which is doing once again very well despite the domination of La Rochelle at the start of the match.

The scrum is played, the visitors try to restart their game properly but Lonca, well served by Hart, prefers to clear in touch. We stay within 22 meters of Biarritz.

The maul is advancing on the left wing. We are 5 meters from the visitors’ end. But a forward from the Rochelais cancels the action. The Biarrots can breathe. It’s a melee to follow for Biarritz.

The game resumes with Biarritz on the attack but the attackers are still penalized for a fault in the air. A penaltouche is played by the locals.

TRIAL !!! Finally, the try is given to Buliruarua who followed well after Favre’s low kick on the left wing. The center was able to flatten before the return of the Biarrots defenders. 5-0 while waiting for the transformation.

There is a test for La Rochelle and Buliruarua. But the referee uses the video before confirming this try. Did the Rochelle center three-quarter control the ball before flattening? Was he well behind Favre before the low kick that resulted in the try?

We will play a touch in the La Rochelle camp. It is captured by the locals who go up all the field. We’re going to play with Favre on the left wing.

One of the recurring problems for La Rochelle this season is set-off failures (60% success).

It was a failure for Popelin who passed the ball to the right of the poles. The Biarrots are doing well. We stay at 0-0. The game resumes.

The Rochelais collided, but the referee intervened and gave a penalty against the Biarrots for not having moved away from the ruck zone in time.

The replacement arrives: The Lease returns to the place of Haddad. The game resumes, we will play a touch on the line of 22 meters Biarritz.

Haddad’s state of health seems to be quite critical, especially after this frontal shock. Stade Rochelais will have to make a change from the first minute of the match. The flanker must be evacuated on a stretcher. It’s a big blow for the Rochelais who will have to be solid throughout the game.

The referee interrupts the game, a player from the Stade Rochelais is on the ground. Haddad was hurt in contact with the Biarrots. First blow for the locals.

From the start, the Rochelais imposed a clear blockade. Kerr-Barlow hits off a candle that a Biarritz player catches in the air. We are in the camp of visitors who emerge on the left wing.

The two equip themselves, all players at their posts, the kick-off is imminent.

This is the moment when the players all enter the lawn of Stade Marcel-Deflandre. The referee appointed for this meeting is Mr. Vincent Blasco.

Despite the complicated start to the season for their teams, the supporters of La Rochelle present in the stadium sing to their hearts content and still believe in the first victory of the yellow and black. It may be the day of glory for the Stade Rochelais.

Both teams stand ready to enter the pitch, all lined up in the entry lane.

It is therefore in this Stade Marcel-Deflandre, located to the west of the city of La Rochelle, which can accommodate nearly 16,000 spectators, that the Stade Rochelais welcomes its Biarritz counterpart.

Opposite, Stade Rochelais, penultimate of the Top 14, coached by Ronan O’Gara, has had a very difficult start to the season. The Rochelais remain on three defeats in as many contested games, including the last against Clermont where they only lost by one point (23-22). The locals desperately need to take points to climb the standings and avoid a possible relegation to Pro D2.

Biarritz, 5th in the Top 14 standings, travels to Stade Marcel-Deflandre with the ambition of securing a second consecutive victory after their convincing victory against Racing 92 (28-19) on the previous day. Matthew Clarkin’s Biarrots also plan to record their first away success, after failing on their first trip to Perpignan (33-20).

Hello and welcome to follow live commented on the Top 14 meeting between La Rochelle / Biarritz.