After missing its reunion with its public last week, the Auvergne club delivered a much more successful performance, to obtain its first success of the season, but still conceding the defensive bonus after the siren.

It was the evening of reunion at the Parc des sports Marcel-Michelin. A reunion between the public and his team, of course, but also for Jono Gibbes, who returned to Stade Rochelais just over three months after the two historic finals of the Maritimes. But this time, the New Zealander has become the head coach of the Jaunards and if his claw is not yet obvious at first glance, the will to work on the details allowed his people to win their very first victory of this news. time. But nothing was easy on an evening marked by rain and wind … In this match between two teams, usually playing, the wind and the rain somewhat calmed the attacking intentions. Still, Clermont and La Rochelle provided a relatively pleasant and intense first half, punctuated by just one try. It was on a ball carried that Peceli Yato was able to find the fault (18th), and show more realism for his club, in a first act generally dominated by the Maritimes, carried by the wind. Because once again, the Auvergnats were very unruly in these 40 minutes, conceding 7 penalties. Jules Plisson, effective in these attempts (4 out of 5), allowed his team to still stay close to the score. But the Rochelais could have better exploited their territorial domination. It was finally with a tiny point in advance that Jono Gibbes’s men returned to the locker room (13-12).

While Jono Gibbes has asked for time to take stock of his work on his new team, he has already impressed his character on a group from Clermont, which has generally suffered under the pressure of the entire game. It is a dazzling performance of Camille Lopez, who has reviewed the entire opposing defense with three passing fakes, before serving Tani Vili for the second try of the match (42nd), that the Clermontois have finally given themselves a little bit of air (20-12). But in a stifling atmosphere, and carried by its formidable audience, Clermont was able to resist an increasingly significant pressure over the minutes. The release finally came from the boot of the same Camille Lopez, author of the break penalty in the 79th minute (23-15). Relieved, the Jaunards wanted to have fun, and play everything to get the offensive bonus. But in vain, since it was the Maritimes, who on an interception by Haddad, scored a try after the siren, in order to snatch the defensive bonus, far from being undeserved. The rain and the crazy end of the match did not dampen the satisfaction of the locals at finally winning their first victory, but it was hard!

A first success this season which gives the Clermontois air in the standings, with a 9th place (5 points), a little more in line with their ambitions. A victory which is especially good, before a difficult trip to Toulouse, next Sunday (9:05 pm). For Stade Rochelais, this is already the third defeat in as many games, and a 12th place (2 points) far from rewarding the quality of their performances at the start of the season. Therefore, it is a complicated return home that promises to be next Saturday (3 p.m.) with the Biarritz reception, for a meeting that already seems crucial. More information to follow …

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