The last episode of the first part of season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime, Episode 16, was released almost a year ago. Since then, not only has the final manga tome been released, but fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of this second part of the final season. In the last episode of the first part, we discovered that Peak Finger, holder of the titan cart, had played a double game in order to infiltrate Paradise and thus facilitate a final large-scale attack of Mahr. Facing Porco Galliard transformed into the Jawbone Titan, Eren finds himself forced into battle.

As said before, the first part of season 4 of Attack on Titan ends with the discovery of the double-game led by Peak Finger and the arrival of Mahr’s forces to lead a large-scale attack on Paradise. This new season opens in a dramatic fashion as Hansi Zoe holds the body of Levi in ​​her arms, which she declares as dead following the explosion of a thundering spear. And while Frock insists on verifying for himself the death of Corporal Levi, the titan who protected Sieg Jäger breaks down in order to let the latter appear in front of his supporters, alive and well. Taking advantage of the surprise, Hansi dives into the river, taking the body of his friend and teammate with her.

For his part, Eren is grappling with the Titan Jawbone, later joined by the Titan Battleship, aka Reiner Braun. Supported by the Mahr army, Porco and Reiner intend to kill two birds with one stone by avenging Revelio and recovering the power of the Original Titan held by Eren. While in episodes 15 & 16 the plan of the Jäger brothers seemed to want to sterilize all Eldians, it is in this new episode that Onyankopon that we discover that this plan was in reality a decoy in order to cover up the real plan of Eren: acquire the Great Earthworks in order to protect the island. This final season opens by lifting the veil on Eren’s intentions. Cornered and weakened, will Eren succeed in beating Porco and Reiner? Did Hansi drown in the river? Will Mikasa, Armin, Jean and Conny arrive in time to help Eren? As a reminder, the episodes will be available on Crunchyroll and Wakanim.

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