Almost fifteen years ago, to prepare for the release of Quantum Of Solace, Première X-rayed a different James Bond. Here is our subject on Tomorrow never dies, by Roger Spottiswood, released in 1997 and scheduled this Friday evening on France 3.

Theme “Tomorrow never dies” sung by Sheryl Crowe and composed by Sheryl Crowe and Mitchell Froom. If the Bondian texture is present, the whole is incredibly soft. Note that the group Pulp recorded a song, refused by the producers. It’s called Tomorrow neve lies, it’s listenable on the B-side of the single Help the ages, and it’s even less Bondian than Sheryl Crowe’s.

James Bond against …
Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce). The press mogul is trying to pit England and China against each other so that his media empire can benefit from the fallout he gets with the scoops (ridiculous …). He is helped by a Germanic brute answering the sweet name of Stamper (ridiculous itou…).

The film
After the franchise’s successful relaunch with Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies capitalizes on what has been put in place: Bondien “hu-moore”, Brosnan’s presence and once again gigantic action scenes. However, the production was not easy since before filming, the producers changed their minds and abandoned the idea of ​​a story centered around the handover of Hong Kong (a matter too sensitive for a Bond) . The script will therefore be rewritten until the very end of filming. With the hectic schedule, Spottiswoode will only have one month for post-production on the film. Yet he is doing brilliantly. This adventure is surely one of the best enlightened of the series, with its techno-spy tone which breaks singularly with the previous opus. A good example is the BMW chase in a Hamburg parking lot or the lighting of Carver’s stealth submarine. There is not much more to say except that the film is not remembered, surely because of the big bad, badly managed. His incredible intentions go wrong with the thriller tone. Pity. Note that in the film, Gérard Butler (King Leonidas of 300) is visible in a small role of non-commissioned officer of the navy. Something to give a little hope to all the extras of the series.

Oh James!
After an explosive pre-credits streak, 007 works her Danish in the arms of a beautiful blonde. “You have always been a great cuni-linguist,” says Miss Moneypenny, who calls him in for duty. In order to approach Elliot Carver, he reunites with Paris Carver (Teri Hatcher, hired after filming begins), an old acquaintance who has become a villain’s wife. Seducing her will not be easy since she slaps him on the entrance: “Is that something I said? -Why not the words: ‘I’ll be back.'” Ouch… It’s still difficult to be resentful with the spy and she will find him very quickly in her room, as soon as she understands her husband’s Machiavellianism. Jealous and paranoid, Carver will execute it immediately, angering a Bond determined to flirt only after the man is dead. This will come to an end with the help of a Chinese agent, Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh). Last kisses on a makeshift raft: “He’s looking for us. – Let’s stay under cover …”

Movie Magic
While the opening streak is a good one, it lacks a Bondian feat to go down in history. There had been a bungee jump in Golden Eye, there is nothing but a killing spree in the mountains in Tomorrow Never Dies. The film’s real Bondian moment comes when the British agent arrives at his Chinese counterpart’s hideout. After a little struggle, the Vietnamese interior turns out to be a haven for weapons and gadgets Made in Hong Kong. How do you say Q in Mandarin?

In this film, James Bond trades his Walther PPK for a Walther P99 he finds in Wai Lin’s hiding place. He will also find a nice collection of watches made in Hong Kong, a nod to all those he has used before. Tomorrow Never Dies is dedicated to Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, the legendary producer of the series who passed away the year before at the age of 87.

The Bondian replica
Like Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan abuses less ping-pong lines with his opponents than witticisms at the end of the dialogue. There remains this little game with a professional killer named Dr. Kaufman (played by the late Vincent Schiavelli). The latter holds him in aim and asks to recover an object stolen from Carver: “I could torture you if you do not speak. -You are also experts in this field? -No, no. It’s more a hobby… but I am very talented! “

This episode of James Bond with Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Marceau will return this evening on France 2.

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