On the occasion of the 1000th episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, the TF1 series changes credits on Thursday. After Lou, it’s time for Vianney!

Tomorrow is ours with a makeover! In addition to many new features, the TF1 series will be entitled to a new opening credits by Vianney, as revealed by Le Parisien. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Tomorrow belongs to us is a real hit! Broadcast since July 2017 on TF1, the series quickly found its audience and established itself as one of the channel’s flagship programs.

Today, the front page soap opera is about to unveil its 1000th episode. Already ! To celebrate this symbolic milestone, TF1 has also promised a lot of news. Something to rejoice the fans!

First off, Season 5 of Tomorrow is Ours, marked by the series’ 1000th episode on Thursday August 26th, kicked off on August 16th.

On this occasion, the TF1 show welcomed a new showrunner, Marc Kressman, as well as a new image quality. To the delight of the fans!

In addition, Tomorrow Belongs to Us has also seen the arrival of new key players in its ranks. Charlotte Gaccio, Xavier Deluc, Victoria Abril, Emmanuel Moire, Jennifer Lauret… all of them have just joined the cast of the show a short time ago!

But that’s not all ! Proof of the complete revival of the series, Tomorrow belongs to us will also have the right to a brand new credits. Eh yes !

Following singer Lou’s iconic song Tomorrow (see photo below), it’s a new song written and performed by Vianney that will land. MCE TV tells you more!

As revealed by Le Parisien, Tomorrow belongs to us will therefore have the right to a new credits as of this Thursday, August 26 at 7:10 p.m., on the occasion of the 1000th episode of the series.

The title Demain de Lou, which has been the credits of the soap opera since the 1st episode, will thus be replaced. So it’s a new song that will take place. And not the least!

Indeed, this new song will be written, composed and performed by the famous singer Vianney. The 30-year-old artist, who joined the jury for The Voice, is well known to TF1 fans!

On the other hand, it will not be possible to discover in advance the new credits of Tomorrow belongs to us. Admittedly, the 1000th episode will be visible from Tuesday evening on Salto. But Vianney’s song won’t be there yet!

And for good reason, TF1 wants to keep the surprise! It will therefore be necessary to wait until Thursday evening to discover the new intro of the series live. Still a little patience !

The new credits of Tomorrow Belongs to Us will also be available on streaming platforms on Friday, August 27. A great first for a soundtrack of the series!

With this new credits, TF1 hopes to reproduce the same situation as with the spin-off of the series, Here everything begins. Gims’s title Till Here All Goes Well, which became the intro to this soap opera, quickly became a huge success!

One thing is certain: fans of Tomorrow belongs to us are already eager to discover all these new features. And especially this new credits!

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