From this Thursday and the 1000th episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, fans of the TF1 series will be able to see and hear a new credits whose author we finally know.

“This 1000th episode of Tomorrow also belongs to us, a new beginning, as the song in the credits says [laughs]. These new features are exciting. It’s a good dose of motivation,” the actress Ingrid Chauvin had promised. This new start will also concern the credits of the TF1 series. Lou’s song that we hear at the opening of the soap opera since its launch, that is to say already more than four years, will give way to a new title written, composed and performed by a famous singer, in the image of Up to here everything goes. well of Maitre Gims which is used as credits in Here everything begins.

According to information from the Parisian, it is Vianney, the coach of The Voice, who took care of it. Viewers will be able to discover it from Thursday August 26 for the 1000th episode. And for those who hoped to see and hear it in advance on the Salto platform, which is two days ahead of broadcast, it’s a waste of time! The production took care to leave the old credits in order not to spoil the surprise of Thursday. This track by Vianney will also feature in the soundtrack of Tomorrow belongs to us, available August 27 on streaming and legal download platforms.

Now is the time for something new in Tomorrow belongs to us. “We wanted to have a facelift, to avoid a certain weariness, to improve certain things and to give a little boost to the soap opera … while keeping a certain continuity all the same”, entrusted to Télé 2 weeks Aude Thévenin, the producer of the series. After Charlotte Gaccio (what Michèle Bernier, her mother, told her when she told her about her role) and her children (find out who their interpreters are), and before Emmanuel Moire or Xavier Deluc, other well-known faces from the series join Tomorrow belongs to us. Victoria Abril (Clem) will play Rebecca Flores, former successful Spanish singer and ex-wife of Sébastien Perraud (Xavier Deluc), back in Sète to get closer to her daughter, Raphaëlle (Jennifer Lauret), while trying to hide a heavy family secret. As for Alexandre Varga (Cassandre), he will be Benjamin Ventura, the new pediatrician at the Saint-Clair hospital… and a killer of these ladies. Their arrival on the air will take place in the fall.

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