This Monday, January 19, 2021, France 5 will rebroadcast Rouge Kiss. Charlotte Valandrey opens up about a possible return to Tomorrow belongs to us, a TF1 series that she left in July 2020.

This Monday, April 19, 2021, France 5 will focus on French fiction in the first part of the evening. In Red Kiss, Charlotte Valandrey, ex-heroine of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1, will respond to Lambert Wilson, Marthe Keller and Elsa Lunghini from 8:50 p.m.

The story centers on Nadia (Charlotte Valandrey). In the early 1950s, the 15-year-old daughter of Polish immigrants swears by the Soviet Union. She actively militates alongside the Communist Youth. During a demonstration, his fate changes. She is injured by the police. The heroine is then taken in by Stéphane (Lambert Wilson), a photographer reporter at Paris Match. If everything opposes them, the two protagonists end up getting closer.

Rouge Kiss, released in 1985, played a pioneering role in Charlotte Valandrey’s career. In an interview with Télé Star, the actress revealed that she had not kept in touch with Véra Belmont, the director, and her partner Lambert Wilson. “Looking back, it was more for them to hear from me. I was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actress in Berlin for this role! It all happened to me too young, too fast, “she explained, before discussing her plans. The ex-heroine of Cordier Judge and Cop, a series in which she played the fictional daughter of Pierre Mondy between 1994 and 2003, turns to music.

“My album comes out on June 4th! I self-produced it. It’s called “See you soon”! It’s a personal album, but one that can speak to others. From the work done with a first team, only the title “I love it” remains. I did a cover of The Bird and the Child and there is a duet with Marc Lavoine. I sent him a song and he loved it, ”explained Charlotte Valandrey. On the small screen, the actress will soon be showing in two dramas on France 3. Viewers will be able to find her alongside Mélanie Maudran in Meurtres à Mulhouse and in an episode of Crimes à…, focusing on Vannes.

In 2017, Charlotte Valandrey was chosen by TF1 to play one of the heroines of Tomorrow belongs to us. His character, Laurence Moiret, was not spared by the writers and ended up being sent to prison. Tired, the actress has resolved to leave the soap opera in July 2020. When asked about a possible return, she said she was not aware. “I left because the authors were out of inspiration for my character,” she said, while indicating her wish to return to a series such as Les Cordier, judge and cop, disappeared from the screens of TF1 since 2008.

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