In an interview with Télé Loisirs, Ariane Séguillon (Tomorrow belongs to us) revealed that she had refused resuscitation!

A few months ago, Ariane Séguillon (Tomorrow belongs to us) contracted Covid-19. In an interview with Télé Loisirs, she had confided in the subject of the disease.

Ariane Séguillon also confided: “On Saturday February 27, I was extremely tired. It was abnormal fatigue. We are tested every week on the set of Tomorrow belongs to us ”.

Ariane Séguillon (Tomorrow belongs to us) also added: “But I was resting that week. I went to be tested at the pharmacy: the test was negative. On Monday, I did another test which was positive “.

She continued, “Then another who said I had the English variant. I thought it was more chic to have had the variant. I haven’t done things by halves. (…) I have always been very careful “.

The actress also admitted, “It’s something very violent that you don’t see and that can affect anyone. I am young, I am very athletic. I had no reason to be touched so hard. ”

In a recent interview for Télé Loisirs, Ariane Séguillon (Tomorrow belongs to us) also confided in her mental health. At first, she revealed: “I have no more after-effects”.

She continued, “I came back to the sport very quickly. After three weeks. I went to see a very good pulmonologist. He told me to get back to it very quickly. “

Ariane Séguillon (Tomorrow belongs to us) then admitted: “I had a very hard Covid. I was hospitalized for six or seven days. I was on oxygen. I did not go to intensive care. I had decided that I would not go “.

Ariane Séguillon (Tomorrow belongs to us) also revealed: “But psychologically, it was very hard. We are alone. The hardest part is loneliness. I remember asking a nurse to give me a hug.

The actress then said, “I couldn’t take the loneliness anymore. It was very moving. The doctors and especially the nurses are humanly extraordinary ”.

She also confessed, “Luckily they’re here. Because we need affection. The people who come to see us are in a diving suit. What shocked me the most were the two garbage cans before my room’s exit door. Where they throw their paper blouses “.

Subsequently, Ariane Séguillon (Tomorrow belongs to us) gave a big rant. She also balked: “When I hear that it’s nothing, it just gets on my nerves. The Covid is no small feat! “.

If the actress is feeling better, she also thought she was going to die. She explained, “I am a fighter. I thought I was going to get over it. But suffocating, not having enough oxygen, is very anxiety-provoking. “

Ariane Séguillon (Tomorrow belongs to us) explained: “I also experienced great loneliness in the hospital. No one can approach you anymore. It’s very hard. The nursing staff who come to see you are protected ».

She also said, “They were amazing. Nurses are also very important. Their presence also helped me a lot. “

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