News TV »Here it all begins» Tom must separate Louis and Charlene / Greg discovers Lionel pyromaniac – Here it all begins September 3, 2021 (episode 220)

The full ITC soap opera recap from the 09/03/2021 episode with the #IciToutStart spoilers preview, all you need to know.

Find the full summary of Here everything begins episode 220 broadcast on TF1 on Friday September 3, 2021 (see the summaries in advance of Here everything begins): the recap of the previous episode Here everything begins from 02/09/2021 is online .

Lionel burns a letter and then his sisters arrive so he puts it under water. Lionel announces to his father that he is going to denounce himself for the fire because he can no longer take it. Stéphane tells him that he is facing prison… he must think about his sisters. Lionel promises not to fuck around while waiting for his father to be hired.

Jasmine tells Greg that the com charge has her in the sights. She tells him that Rose thinks she’s the mother. Jasmine is stressed … Greg agrees to speak to Rose to help her.

Guillaume thinks it’s not a good idea to hire Lionel’s father. Antoine is touched.

Jasmine worked at Greg’s dad’s restaurant last year and she was not pregnant. Greg asks Rose if that’s proof enough to say that she’s not the mom.

Teyssier comes to the infirmary to see Constance for a break because he has a lot of tremors in his hands.
Constance wants to stop putting less pressure on Charlene because she doesn’t want to lose it. He will find a less frontal way to separate them.

Enzo has to smoke thyme over meat in Claire’s class. Eliott and Lionel team up to replicate the smoking of meat … but Lionel messed up, he watched it burn for too long. He told Greg he was just somewhere else.
Later, Mehdi and Enzo put away the torches… because one is missing. They ask Greg if he saw a trail at the end of class. Right after, Greg looks for Lionel… he comes to see Kelly… nobody knows where he is. Together, they decide to look for Lionel in the institute.

Teyssier asks Tom a favor: he wants him to break Charlene and Louis. Tom has to seduce Charlene… if he does that, he’s going to have a quiet, well-rated year.

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Obviously our dear imaginary patient (Teyssier) still does twisted blows, it will be well done if his daughter denies him

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