Tokyo, July 17 (Jiji Press) – The daily number of new coronavirus cases in Tokyo stood at 1,410 on Saturday, the highest since the daily number of 1,485 on January 21, the Tokyo metropolitan government said .

The daily number of new cases in the Japanese capital increased by 460 from a week earlier and stayed above 1,000 for the fourth day in a row.

The daily count averaged 1,012.0 for the last week, an increase of 40.5 percent compared to the previous week.

Of the new cases on Saturday, 469 were confirmed in people in their twenties, 311 in 30-year-olds, 232 in 40-year-olds and 40 in over 65-year-olds. </ According to the standards of the city government, the number of people seriously ill with the coronavirus rose by six to 59 compared to the previous day.