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The two French qualified on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

Two Tricolors per hour. Pascal Martinot-Lagarde and Aurel Manga both qualified for the final of the 110 meters hurdles, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday 04 August. The first, hampered by injuries for most of the season, which had reassured during the playoffs, placed second in his semi-final in 13”25, his best time of the season, only ahead of the Jamaican Ronald Levy (13”23).

“Today I reach the Olympic final. I don’t know if you can imagine what it is … My journey is so messy, so chaotic, that making an Olympic final is … I am elsewhere “he declared in the mixed zone at the microphone, relieved and moved.

ud83c udfc3 ud83c udf2a After qualifying for the final, Frenchman Pascal Martinot-Lagarde appeared relieved to have achieved this performance ud83d udde3 ufe0f “My journey is so chaotic, what to make a final today, I’m elsewhere ” u25b6 Follow the Olympics live:

There will be a double dose of emotion for the final of the event, Thursday at 4:55 am, since another Frenchman, Aurel Manga, qualified for the final a few minutes after “PML”. Also second in his semi-final, Manga equaled his best time with 13”24, behind American Devon Allen (13”18). The Briton Grant Holloway, who will be the big favorite in the final, won the last half in 13”13, but the two Frenchmen will have a good card to play.