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Posted on 08/04/21 8:35 AM
– Updated 08/04/21 at 10:52 am

Decathlon: Kevin Mayer
Hand F: France – Netherlands
Basket F: France – Spain
Escalade F: Chanourdie and Jaubert
Hammer throw H: Quentin Bigot in the final
800m H: Gabriel Tual in the final
Horse riding: Show jumping – Final of the individual competition with Delmotte, Leprevost, Billot

Sail 470: Camille Lecointre-Aloïse Retornaz in bronze
110m hurdles H: Pascal Martinot-Lagarde and Aurel Manga in the final
Skateboard Park F: Madeleine Larcheron 13th
Wrestling 57 kg F: Mathilde Rivière out
Kayak K1: Maxime Beaumont in the semi-final
Open water swimming 10km F: Lara Grangeon 9th
Individual speed: Sébastien Vigier qualified, Rayan Helal eliminated
Keirin F: Mathilde Gros qualified, Coralie Demay eliminated

10h49: Oh yes, we just saw the result at the half-time of Sweden-South Korea, in hand. 21-13 for Scandinavians. Very very solid.

🚴🇫🇷 The Frenchwoman Mathilde Gros qualifies with character in the quarterfinals of keirin thanks to her second place in the repechage. His race will be to follow tomorrow around 9h #JeuxOlympiquesFollow the Olympics live ►

10:45 am: And thin, Rayan eliminated on the line by the German. Well, nothing to reproach him, the experience differential has surely made the difference. Helal had already won the bronze yesterday so we will quickly forgive him.

10:43 am: Come on, we’re going back to the velodrome. With the repechages of the speed, and for in particular Rayan Helal.

10:36 am: The two French are 2 and 8 after the speed. Then there is the bouldering and the difficulty in this combined.

10:35 am: Very good speed score for Julia, although it is not her specialty. Come on, it will be able to fight for the medal.

10:33 am: No miracle for Coralie Demay in her draft series. As a reminder, she is not at all a keirin specialist.

10:29 am: Olalalalala Mathilde who qualifies narrowly. It was very fair. We were scared.

10:26 am: We leave for the Vélodrome, with the repechages of the keirin. Especially for Mathilde Gros. It is imperative to finish in the first two.

10:22 am: Anouck Jaubert, exceptional on his first run, still had a bad time. Impressive. 7 seconds 12. Ugh

10:20 am: It’s hot on the Tour route. Our special envoys in Tokyo are sweating

10:14 am: Yesterday, we were spoiled by the Mawem brothers. Unfortunately, Bassa farted during the third round and had to forfeit, while fighting for a medal.

10:08 am: Come on, it’s Sébastien Vigier’s turn, who is opposed to a Canadian, in this speed competition.

10:02 am: Bug, Jason Kenny, the Brit, I have the impression that since I was a kid, he’s been there, on the velodrome. Well, yes, he’s the same age as me.

9:56 am: It’s dead, victory for Dmitriev who never felt the Frenchman capable of coming to compete with him on the track. Helal will therefore also have to go through the repechage …

9:54 am: It is the turn of Frenchman Rayan Helal, team bronze medalist yesterday, to start in the individual this morning. In front of him, the Russian Denis Dmitriev, the reigning Olympic vice-champion. A big piece then, it’s going to be hot.

9:51 am: The judges’ decision has just fallen into thin air and the French protest has not borne fruit, the British remain in gold, the Poles in silver and the Blue in bronze.

9:50 am: We return to the keirin with the men’s individual speed competition. When I see this discipline, I can’t help but think of the parents of the athletes in front of their TV, they must be so freaked out to see falls. What a cracked helmet sport anyway …

9.45am: That’s so much haha! Note that we are still awaiting the judges’ decision after the complaint made by the French duo. What is certain is that the medal ceremony has been postponed, proof that it is really thinking about whether the English women made a mistake at the finish.

9:36 am: What did she do to us, Mathilde? She got in her head very early on, then got locked up and didn’t fight at the end. We will therefore have to go through the repechage …

9h26: Oh the German reigning world champion who will have to go through the keirin repechage.

9:23 am: If the British are penalized in sailing and France recovers the gold. I swear to you, I dive naked in the swimming pool not far from where I live.

9:21 am: The keirin, for non-connoisseurs, is six girls or guys who start behind an electric bike for three laps and after the beasts are released. It’s a delight.

9h17: Come on, Coralie Demay who enters the running. Well, she’s not a keirin specialist at all, so no big hopes, but we’re going to push behind her anyway.

9:16 am: There were also the qualifiers in individual speed, for the men. And our tanned from yesterday Sébastien Vigier and Rayan Helal qualified, not with great times. BUT it passes anyway.

9h13: Come on, let’s go to the velodrome with the qualifiers for keirin, aka the best discipline in the world. With Mathilde Gros hoping for a medal, and Coralie Demay.

9:09 am: Talk to the judges. French women are unhappy. But yes, let’s not be fooled by the English scum.

9:05 am: We have the impression that we were fooled by the English, who let the Poles pass, who stole second place from us.

9:03 am: Well the switch was violent between the two lives, sorry for the sailing fans. The main thing is the new medal for the French clan.

9h: Hello everyone, we start this live of the day with a beautiful bronze medal for Aloise Retornaz and Camille Lecointre in 470 after a crazy race. They lose one step, but remain on the podium.

Hello everyone. After a night of disappointment (the injury of Kevin Mayer), the package of Bassa Mawem) and some successes (the final for the hurdlers), we will try to have a better day, especially with the sports co, where the basketball players and handball players play for a place in the half, track cycling or the sequel for Kevin Mayer

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