September 30, 2021 at 4:22 p.m.

Capcom launched its 2021 TGS with a dedicated Monster Hunter Rise program, following the announcement of the big Sunbreak expansion. The publisher notably took stock of its upcoming collaborations, unveiled some details on the expansion but also announced the release date of the game on PC.

Monster Hunter Rise will therefore be available on January 13, 2022 on Steam at a price of 60 euros with a 4K definition, high resolution textures, compatibility with ultra-wide screens, and the image rate on the program. raised, support for voice chat as well as optimization of keyboard / mouse controls. The game will also include all free downloadable content released on Switch through the end of November. Good news for the more impatient, a playable demo will be available from October 13 with five quests and access to 14 types of weapons. As for the configurations, they are already available on the site posted by Capcom. However, nothing concerning any support for cross-play or even cross-save for Switch players who would have thought of continuing their journey on PC.

To evoke the Sunbreak expansion, which will be released this summer on Switch and Steam, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has welcomed director Yoshitake Suzuki who takes over from Yasunori Ichinose. Much like Iceborne did for Monster Hunter World, this expansion will bring a new base, new regions, monsters and mechanics, as well as a new quest rank, Master Rank. Sunbreak content will be available after completing the 7-Star Grand Camp Quest “Thunder Serpent Goddess” in the base game. Dotted with ruins, the first new region unveiled by Capcom is covered with a red sky during the night which gives it a special atmosphere. Capcom also named the expansion’s flagship monster, a long-winged black and red ancient dragon named Malzeno, whose features will be unveiled later. On the returns side, the Ceanataur Shogun will delight shellfish lovers, knowing other creatures from past episodes will be announced later.

Now sold to 7.5 million copies even before its release on PC, Monster Hunter Rise will be entitled to a final in-house collaboration that will honor Arthur from Ghosts’ n Goblins Resurrection in a quest to © event available October 29. Players who complete this quest will be rewarded with special armor that will turn the hunter into Arthur with some changes in the animations, like throwing knives that will turn into spears. The iconic musical theme of this classic will also be in the spotlight. If this collaboration will be the last in terms of house licenses, Capcom still had a surprise up its sleeve with the announcement of a special Sonic collaboration on the occasion of the hedgehog’s 30th anniversary. No content information yet, but we are promised this new event will be more fun than the appearance of Sega’s mascot in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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