Lebanon: “It is necessary to identify the basic needs, of which there are at least two, the school and the hospital”

“Faced with the increase in psychiatric disorders in children, developing a prevention policy is a priority”

“We will perhaps manage to vaccinate a fraction of the anti-vaccine, but that will not be enough to calm the muffled anger of the most radical”

“The frail patients continue to suffer the triple punishment of the disease, the deprivation of relationship life and the threat of a virus”

“War Factories – Making the war”, on Histoire TV: the march on Rome of the Agnelli, from Mussolini to Berlusconi

Loving each other as we leave each other: “She doesn’t want me to see our child anymore, she brainwashes him”

France won a 25th medal with the bronze of Camille Lecointre and Aloise Retornaz in sailing. Kevin Mayer is currently fourth in the decathlon, diminished by a blocked back. Sydney McLaughlin of the United States won the 400m hurdles setting the world record.

It’s a little curiosity: despite Bassa Mawem’s injury, Alex Megos, ranked 9th in qualifying, was not drafted. There will be eight registered, but only seven will actually take part in the final tomorrow.

We remind you of the principle of I am a legend: a photo, a legend to find. Be good!

Hammer thrower Quentin Bigot starts his final from 1:15 p.m.! The reigning vice-world champion can clearly aim for a first Olympic podium which would be a form of redemption after a suspension for doping in 2014.

Thank you for that clarification ! Have you ever been told, dear readers, that you are great?

You can find the report of our two journalists in the streets of Tokyo on this subject:

You will have to get up (very) early to support Pascal Martinot-Lagarde and Aurel Manga, tomorrow at 4:55 am French time. For medals, the Blues will not be favorites, especially as reigning European champion “PML” has missed much of the season through injury.

In keirin, Mathilde Gros will be in the quarter-finals while Sébastien Vigier is in the sixteenth in individual speed.

Coralie Demay and Rayan Helal say goodbye to women’s keirin and individual speed, eliminated in the draft.

He finished 2nd behind the German who made use of the experience by wedging himself in the Frenchman’s wheel to pass him on the home straight! What a pity !

Dear reader, the bouldering event in climbing involves climbers having to climb as many fixed routes as they can in four minutes on a wall 4.5m high. The routes vary in difficulty and climbers are not allowed to practice this climb in advance. When a climber grasps the last hold at the top of a course with both hands, he is considered to have completed it.

The French rider can join his teammate Sébastien Vigier with whom he won the team bronze. He will face Germany’s Gerboetticher, 2013 world champion, and Australia’s Richardson. At stake, a place in 16th for the winner after the three laps of the track.

We were waiting for your question! Thanks to a good score in his fourth and fifth attempts, Alais Kalonji finished 14th and therefore qualified for the semi-finals.

Favorites Emma Hinze (Germany) and Shanne Braspennincx (Netherlands) confirm the logic and win quietly after the six laps.

Unfortunately, it is over for Thimothey N’Guessan. He returned to France and was replaced by Romain Lagarde, who played against Bahrain yesterday. Hugo Descat is still in the group, but was preserved in the quarterfinals.

As a reminder, these are the first two runners in the draft series who move into quarters!

Mathilde Gros fell in love at the end but finished 2nd in her series in the repechage and went to the quarter-finals!

Maxime Beaumont, 2016 Olympic vice-champion in single-seater kayak (K1) over 200 meters, qualified for the semi-finals on Wednesday, as did Manon Hostens in single-seater kayak over 500 meters.

The 39-year-old kayaker finished second in his heat in 359 seconds, qualifying him for the semi-finals to be held Thursday at the site of the Sea Forest Waterway, a channel between two man-made islands in Tokyo Bay. Unhappy finalist with Sarah Guyot in two-seater (K2) 500 meters, Manon Hostens finished second in her quarter-final (1 min 54 sec 095) after having finished sixth in her series and will therefore go to the semi-final.

On the other hand, the pair composed of Etienne Hubert and Guillaume Burger, in a two-seater kayak (K2) over 1,000 meters, were eliminated, finishing last in their quarter-final (3 min 18 sec 284).

Welcome to this live stream dedicated to the twelfth day of competition of the 2021 Olympic Games, XXXIIth edition of the modern era.

What is it about ? From the twelfth day of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 with, on the program, in particular the continuation of athletics, wrestling, skateboarding, sailing, basketball, handball or even the great beginnings of climbing …

»Relive Camille Lecointre and Aloise Retornaz’s bronze medal in sailing here.

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