It is only the third time in Olympic history, summer and winter combined, that a Swiss treble has been achieved. The previous 2 had been in gymnastics, in 1924 and 1936 …

It had rained in Izu hours before the start, making the course slippery and upsetting all landmarks. Formidable technicians, daring but not daredevil, the Swiss women have dominated the French announced great favorites.

The surprise is considerable. Jolanda Neff broke her left hand in mid-June in Austria in the World Cup. His career had also been compromised by a ruptured spleen that occurred at the end of 2019 in training in the United States.

But free this time from any pressure, Neff (28), world champion in 2017 but only 6th at the Rio 2016 Olympics, resurfaced when we least expected him to beat Sina Frei by 1’19 ” and 1’23 ” Linda Indergand. And to think that the Swiss have not been on a World Cup podium once this season!

Since the discipline was introduced at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, Swiss mountain bikers have already won ten Olympic medals.

For Neff, it’s a resurrection. The four-time European champion and three-time winner of the World Cup general, after her serious injury at the end of 2019, would certainly not have been there if the Olympics had not been postponed for a year because of the Covid.